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Exterior Wood Glue by Dura Pro


Exterior Wood Glue AW 2539 is an adhesive formulated from precatalized crosslinkable polyvinyl acetate. Durable and water resistant, the Exterior Wood Glue AW 2539 corresponds perfectly to any surfaces or projects occasionally exposed to weather.

Ideal for interior project that require a water resistance. Meets ANSI type II.

  • Water-resistance PVA Type II
  • One part glue
  • Easy clean-up


Directions of use

Preparation : Mix well before using. Adhesive, material and room temperature should be above 20°C.

All surfaces to be glued must be clean and dry. Best bonds are obtained when moisture content of wood ranges between 8% and 12%.

Application : Apply directly from the plastic bottle or using a stiff brush or a mechanical glue spreader. Spread glue to result in squeeze out when parts are assembled. Joints must be tight fitting. Clamp or press using sufficient pressure.

When glue becomes colorless, a full strength bond has been formed. Allow to dry before sanding.

Drying time :
- Assembly time: 15-20 minutes
- Clamp time: 25-60 minutes
- Drying time: 6-8 hours

Not for continous submersion or use below waterline. Must
dry 5 hours before exposing to water or humidity.


Category Glues
Brand Dura Pro
Sold Since January 14, 2013

approx: 6 sq. m. / L


< 50 g / L


White liquid


Viscosity of AW 2539 will increase with time, but as long as the material can be stirred to a smooth consistency it is satisfactory to use. Shelf life is 1 year at room temperature in original unopened container. Product is freeze/thaw stable if frozen not lower than -10°C.

Tools cleaning

Clean hans and tools with warm soapy water before the
product dries. If the glue has hardened, use a 50% solution of
acetone and water for cleaning. On bonded materials, scrape
off and sand dry excess.

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