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Wood Mastic Fast Bi


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Wood Mastic Fast Bi is a powder form sealer specially designed for large reparations on wood going up to 7 mm deep. Solvent free and odorless, Wood Mastic Fast Bi is prepared with water and hardens rapidly in 40 minutes. The reparation will have similar properties of wood, it can be sawn, screwed, limed, sanded, stained, waxed and varnished just like wood does.

The finish is hard and dense enough to be used with stencils to create reliefs. Made from vegetable glues, Wood Mastic Fast Bi is non toxic and completely environmentally safe.

Directions of use

Preparation : Dust off good the surface. Mix 3 part of powder with 1 part of water.

Application : The mixture must be used within 40 minutes after preparation. The Wood Mastic Fast Bi becomes hard really fast and can be sanded after 2 hours.

Drying time :
Between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the size of the repair.

Full cure : 24 hours


Classification Wood Restoration
Size 150 g
Sold Since December 16, 2008
UPC 684163018982

Vegetables glues based





Shelf Life

The powder can be conserved for an unlimited time if stored away from humidity.

Tools cleaning


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