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Digital Moisture Meter


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The Digital Moisture Meter allows you to detect potentially damaging excess moisture on wood, sheetrock, etc. It locates and traces roof leaks and water seepage and assess the extent of wet rot and hidden condensation.

Different from a hygrometer (which measures the relative humidity in the air), a Moisture Meter is used to measure the moisture level of a solid surface, such as wood, thanks to its metal probes which need to be inserted into the material you wish to test.

With its large, easy to read LCD display, the Digital Moisture Meter will allow you to test different surfaces before painting, staining, wallpapering or laying floors or tiles. It is an easy to use, compact and lightweight tool.

The digital moisture meter works with a 9v battery not included


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Size 1 unit
Sold Since September 25, 2013
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5% to 40% Moisture


9v type battery (not included)

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not very good

Paul Shuster · Apr 20, 2020

No matter what the wood- it always showed 0%


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