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Bloxygen is a Finish Preserver which lenghtens the shelf life of stains, varnishes, oils and other products sensitive to oxidation and moisiture by preventing thickening and skin-over.

By replacing air in your container with a heavier, inert gas, oxygen and moisture cannot come into contact and affect the product. This will prevent their premature deterioration, which allows you to store them and use them over a longer period of time. Bloxygen is easy to use: Spray, Seal & Store.

Bloxygen can be used for any product sensitive to oxidation and moisture, including oil-based paint, varnish, polyurethanes, catalysts, chemicals, finishing oil, wood fillers, urethanes, stains, gunpowder, marine coatings, some glues, epoxy resin and fuel additives.

Note that lacquer finishes and some latex paints will not benefit from using Bloxygen.

Since Argon is a gas, the full can may feel empty when weighted, but it contains enough gas for approximately 75 uses in quarts.

Find out more with this article on preventing finishing product leftovers degradation.

How to Use

  • Since this product is under pressure, always wear safety glasses before use to prevent any product splash into your eyes.
  • Twist the extension tube into the tip.
  • Hold lid closely above container and spray towards side of container to avoid any splash.
  • Spay 2 full seconds for quarts and 4 full seconds for gallons.
  • Close lid immediately to seal in heavy gas.
CONTAINER MAY EXPLODE IF HEATED. Do not puncture or burn. Store away from sources of heat. Keep out of reach of children.


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Works Great

Paul Shuster · Jul 9, 2020

Bloxygen works as advertised! I use it with my Salad Bowl Finish and never get a skin forming. Since I re-use (re-open) a 1 litre can over a dozen times, Bloxygen makes sure that none of the finish goes to waste.

Great product

Tom Wainright · Mar 9, 2018

Great product quickly shipped! Thanks Ardec!


Kenneth Whalley · Feb 19, 2016

Sorry, I haven't had a chance to use the product yet, as more varnishing won't take place until the spring. Please ask me then - thank you!

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