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Natalia Agalakov · 30 Aoû 2021, 16:34

I repair rotten beam at my terrace. I already bought 1.9L wood epoxy and started the project. I don't have
previous experience to work with wood epoxy and miscalculated quantity that I need. I already order additional 1.9 l, but not sure what the best way to apply it on existing wood epoxy to achieve best bond between two layers. Should I cover it with liquid epoxy and then apply additional layers or I can just add volume to dry wood epoxy?

Marilyn · Support technique · 31 Aoû 2021, 09:19


Perhaps watching the videos on our website might be of help.

I've attached link on How to Repair Wood Rot.

The other videos can be found on our website under the LiquidWood & WoodEpox Wood.

Hope this helps!

Natalia Agalakov · 31 Aoû 2021, 11:32

Perhaps don't. It doesn't contain information about how to apply wood epoxy if I miscalculated quantity and applying additional layers on epoxy that already solidify. It is frustrating to receive answer that doesn't mean anything.
Have a good day.

Marilyn · Support technique · 31 Aoû 2021, 12:02 · Dernière édition : 1 Sep 2021, 04:00

Perhaps it would be best to contact our technical support at 1-888-797-4344


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