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Renaissance Wax

Ross Jordaan · 20 Mai 2019

I am a collecter/ sportsman and hunter who
needed a product to protect, shine and enhance the finish of my firearms and collectibles.
After doing some research and reading I decided to use this product. After ordering it from the folks at Ardec I received a tracking number right there and then, and received it the next week neatly packaged. The pricing is amongst the best in Canada and the service is excellent.
I can highly recomend Ardec.


Brian Dean · 6 Nov 2018

I use this wax to top off a french polish on fine musical instruments. Smooth as silk, clear as a forest stream, easy to rebuff, and one container lasts forever you need so little...

good product


Great for fire arms !
I love the smell...

Re: wax polish

Valerie Swetlishoff · 8 Nov 2017

I don’t have issues with the wax polish. What I do not appreciate is being charged $20 for shipping a 65 gram container that could have been shipped in a padded envelope for much less money.

Ardec · 8 novembre 2017

Hi, we appreciate your feedback.

We would really like to offer cheaper shipping fees. Shipping to British Columbia from Quebec is expensive. Even if the 65 ml container of Renaissance Wax is really, really small, we cannot ship it in a padded envelope via the Lettermail service of Canada Post to save on shipping because the envelope would exceed the maximum thickness limit of 20 mm (0.8 in.). Also, it is not possible to track a parcel sent with the Lettermail service, we would have no way to know if the parcel is delivered or not, also if the parcel would get lost we would have no way to find it back.


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