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Sprayed nice, great customer service.

Marcel Ball · 6 Sep 2021 · édité le 19 sept. 2021

Updated Review:

My original order had some issues with colouring. Ardec provided me with two replacement cans; these two cans seem to pretty much perfectly match each other and the desired colour. Great customer service on their part and they were easy to deal with. If you do have an issue with colouring, which I expect is rare, reach out to them so they can make things right.

And as stated in the original review, the EM6500 sprays very well, even for an amateur like myself, with excellent smoothness and levelling.

Original Review:
First the positive, found the product to spray very well (especially considering I have minimal experience spraying; used a 1.3mm tip in an Earlex SprayPort 6003), had nice clean smooth surfaces.

As for the negative I had ordered two cans supposedly tinted with the same colour; the actual colour results from the two cans were quite different though. At first I thought the bluish tint was an optical illusion because of the colour of the walls in the room and lighting, but once I started using the second can could easily see that there was a substantial difference.

Great product

Brian Hendry · 14 Nov 2020

First off, I found this company whilst searching for waterborne pigmented lacquers, I’m glad I did there delivery can only be described as exceptional all the products I have purchased have been excellent. I used this product to refinish cabinet doors, I used the cross linker also. This company is now my go to supplier for all my wood finishing needs.

Excellent service from Ardec

Jeff · 2 Jul 2020

There was an issue with the colour code (Dulux's fault) but Ardec double checked with me and made sure the proper colour was sent out. The finish itself is very good. It sprays on nicely and dries very quickly. I haven't tried any touchups with this product but so far it is superior to any latex paint. This finish is the only product I would use on painted furniture pieces.

Cures fast!

Jeremy Fruit · 28 Jan 2019

Ardec's customer service is tremendous!! I will be ordering everything from them in the future! I had my pigmented lacquer tinted to "Oxford White" from the Benjamin Moore collection and the results were stunning. Overall, EM6500 is very thick so be mindful that you will have to use bigger spray tips. It flows well but what's best is the super quick drying and hardening times. I was clamping pieces that I had sprayed the previous day for assembly and it was rock solid! If you desire a super smooth buttery finish but want it colored I would first apply this or a colored primer than use one emtech's topcoat lacquers. You won't be disappointed!

Paint to Lacquer

Andrew Cameron · 27 Aoû 2018

I absolutely love this product. Compared to paint it is so easy to use. There is no need to water it down and it drys so much quicker and I can complete a project in a single day if required. The end result is fantastic, providing a smooth glossy finish.

Water-Based HVLP Solid Colour Finish

Nick Redden · 9 Oct 2017

What a fantastic product! I am new to HVLP spray finishing and needed a "painted" finish for a recent cabinet project. After a failed attempt at spraying conventional paint, I ordered a gallon of EM6500 tinted to my Benjamin Moore colour and the results were flawless. I am excited to work with more products from Emtech on future projects. This product turned a frustrating job into an enjoyable job!


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