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Absolutely Amazing

Dain McGillicuddy · 19 Oct 2021

I’ve been rolling/brushing everything I’ve painted for years, and finally decided to pull the trigger (pun intended haha) on a Hobby Pro 2 HVLP. I’m not kicking myself for not buying one sooner. This thing is AMAZING. Perfect finish on my first try. Awesome sprayer.

Great System

Ty S · 6 Jul 2021

System worked great in my small shop to finish multiple pieces of furniture.

Excellent product for furniture refinishing

George Vasiliou · 27 Mai 2021

Used on an old chest dresser to spray primer after prepping the wood.
terrific results after one coat.
looking forward to the finished results. Still in progress.
Hoping to use on an old wooden dinette set as a next project.

Hobby-PRO2 : My First HVLP System

Gabriel Tetrault · 3 Avr 2021

I’ve been progressively making investments into my woodworking tool arsenal and finally decided in January 2021 that the time was now to invest into a paint spraying system as I was venturing into building new bunk beds, Murphy bed and closet organizers for my kids bedroom.

So I decided that the Hobby-PRO 2 was the unit for me at this stage in my woodworking journey. I finally was able to use the system this past month and can say that this system was a well worth investment. The system was very easy to use and adjust as I was searching for the right gun settings to achieve the finish I was looking for.

I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of the system and it’s parts. This is a great system for those with a limited budget but still want to improve the quality of their finished products. For my situation I wish I would have ordered a few other items such as additional cups to minimize the cleaning steps as I switched back and forth between paints. I’m also considering investing into the 3M system to allow for spraying finishes in any direction as I will be building more cabinets in the future.


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