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Osmo is great Stuff

Rob Robinson · 24 Jui 2021

I enjoy working with osmo oils , the finish is beautiful and it’s easy to apply

My go to

Jeff Todosichuk · 26 Jui 2020

Excellent product for furniture. Very easy to apply and builds nicely. Best used without any stain for the most absorption into the wood. Buffed on walnut and it'll be a finish like you've never seen. As tough as a wipe on poly without the harsh fumes.

Ryan Landon

Great finish

Ryan Landon · 25 Avr 2019

I used the sample packet on some of my newest priducts and a little goes a long way. They turned out great, I'll definitely be grabbing some more in the near future.

Used as a table top finish

Martin Vendryes · 5 Mar 2019

Competitive with Rubio Monocoat (which I sometimes also use), this has the advantage of not needing a catalyst; i.e., one can and no mixing for application. Long shelf life (2 years after opening). Protects well.


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