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Great dust collection...

William MacKay · 14 Mar 2021

I finally decided I wanted to try these sanding pads and I am happy I did. The "assorted" option was a great way to jump in without needing to purchase too many of one grit when I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. But I'm convinced. The discs are great, easily attached to my festool 5" sander, removed all the material I wanted and as I moved through the grits, I was left with a beautiful surface ready to be finished. 5 stars!

Works great

Patrick Boulet · 23 Déc 2020

These are a bit pricy but when you start using them you see why the quality is there. They work better and last at least 3 times longer than regular sandpaper, so the higher cost pays off.

better than sandpaper

Paul Shuster · 20 Avr 2020

I found these to be excellent


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