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Système HVLP Hobby-PRO 2™ de Fuji Spray

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Le Système Hobby-PRO 2™ de Fuji Spray fait partie de la série DIY-PRO™, qui offre les systèmes HVLP à 2 étages les plus puissants sur le marché.

La plupart des systèmes HVLP offrent des moteurs trop faibles pour la plupart des applications. Le moteur de 1400 Watts à 2 étages permettra n'importe quel type de vaporisation sans problème.

Ce système comprend:


Classification Pulvérisation / Turbines HVLP
Marque Fuji Spray
Vendu depuis 2 nov. 2018
SKU 2250
CUP 612850022509



Turbine: 11 po x 8,6 po x 8,1 po


2 ans - Pièces et main d'oeuvre


Turbine: 12,35 lbs

Taille de la buse

1.8 mm


7.6 mètres (25 pieds)


5 psi

Type de moteur

1400 Watts - 2-Stage

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Thoroughly impressed

Gregg Danis · 11 Avr 2023

I purchased the Hobby Pro for my small shop to spray various woodworking projects and existing kitchen cabinets. Over-spray was minimal and was able to easily dial in the flow rate, pattern and size. This reminded me of an oversized airbrush that puts down a fine finish and like an airbrush needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Took about 60 minute or a bit more for a proper clean up. I also purchased the 400cc Gravity Cup Conversion Kit that was very simple to change over.

I am thoroughly impressed; the sprayer is reasonably priced for entry level HVLP and after some practice produces a professional looking finish. You should check out their YouTube videos for handy information on this sprayer.

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