About Ardec

Our business

Ardec is a Canadian online store, we sell products for wood finishing and restoration.

Passionate about wood finishing and having many years of experience in the field, René Carrier founded Ardec in 2005.

Ardec is supported by a passionate team which is committed to share its knowledge. Our great expertise in traditional and industrial wood finishing ranks us among the leading businesses in this sector.

Driven by the desire to innovate and thriving to always seek safer and better products, Ardec has positioned itself as a leader in the Canadian wood finishing industry.

Established in the artisans, woodworkers, carpenters and cabinet makers community for many years, Ardec is proud to contribute to their success.

Our mission

Ardec’s main objective is to enlighten and guide consumers towards more efficient, cleaner and higher quality wood finishing products, so as to reduce health and environmental impacts.

This initiative aims to raise awareness regarding responsible behaviour without affecting the aesthetics and durability of both novice and professional woodworkers’ achievements. The approach is supported by professional advice from passionate people who cumulate numerous years of experience in the field.

The other objective of Ardec is to demystify the field of wood restoration and finishing and make it more accessible to as many people as possible by promoting knowledge and experience sharing, may it be from the novice or professional woodworker. Through our online articles and technical forums, our team of professionals will help you see through your project, from beginning to end, while making its best to convey a spark of its passion.


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