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Rubbed Effect Varnish, a one-component interior varnish based on urethane alkyd resins, gives a rich clear amber satin finish.

For maximum durability, clarity and depth, apply two coats of Rubbed Effect Varnish over several coats of Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish, Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss or Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss. Rubbed Effect Varnish can also be applied directly to bare wood.

Rubbed Effect Varnish can be applied to any interior softwood or hardwood and is highly recommended for cabin sole, doors and trim. Its hard satin finish has good scratch and scuff resistance and is impervious to most onboard chemicals.

For Professional Use Only

Directions for Use

Application to bare interior wood: Clean wood and sand to 220 grit. Seal by thinning the first coat or Epifanes Gloss Varnish 50% with thinner. Apply a second coat, thinned 25%. Apply third sealer coat, thinned 15%. For maximum filling apply fourth coat, thinned 0-5%. Apply two coats or Rubbed Effect Varnish, thinned 0-5%. Sand lightly with 320 grit paper between all coats. Allow 24 hours between coats.

Application to previously varnished surfaces: Use denatured alcohol and clean surface thoroughly to remove any oils or waxes. Sand with 320 grit paper and apply one or two coats of Epifanes Rubbed Effect Varnish. Allow 24 hours between coats.

Maintenance: When a degrease in the appearance of the finish is noticed, sand the surface with 320 grit paper and apply one or two coats fresh coats. Always sand with 320 girt paper between coats. Use denatured alcohol to clean the surface and a tack rug to remove fine dust particals. Sitr well prior to use.


500 ml
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1 L
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Classification Wood Varnishes
Brand Epifanes
  • 500 ml
  • 1 L
Sold Since November 19, 2020
Drying Time

Dry in 12 hours, recoatable in 24 hours at 65°F


110 sq ft / L




For manual application, use Epifanes brush thinner
For spray application, use Epifanes spray thinner

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