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Bizzz is a beeswax based coating. It can be applied to any wood surface that are used to prepare or store food (cutting board, salad bowl, cabinet, etc.).

Bizzz can also be applied to children’s toys. Bizz is a harmless product in accordance with Canadian regulations.

This coating has a honey odor and is a mixture of oil and beeswax. Bizzz protect wood in two ways : first, the oil penetrates the wood and prevent it from cracking, then, the wax stays on the wood surface and waterproof and block all cracks that could retain food.

Bizzz is a paste that is easily applied with a cotton rag. This coating will not harden like varnish. So there is no danger of hardening accumulation in the wood surface.

Directions of use

Application : Apply Bizzz on a dry, clean and soft surface using a cotton rag. Let penetrate for 5 minutes, then polish.

Application tools : Cotton rag


Classification Wood Waxes
Brand Bizzz
Size 200 g
Sold Since September 16, 2008
UPC 661333000015

Made from oil and beeswax


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Honey odor


Opaque wax

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Bizzz beeswax

Vaughn Ellis · Nov 24, 2023

Love this product I build cutting boards and this makes them beautiful.
V Ellis
Wood Nut Shop

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