Steel Wool by Les Anciens Ébénistes

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Les Anciens Ébénistes Steel Wool is a quality steel wool specially designed for the preparation and finishing of wood. Available in 150g size.

Steel Wool # 0 grade (large) is made for the stripping and suppression of old waxes and to remove rust from painted surfaces.

Steel Wool # 00 grade (medium) is made for maintenance work, scouring of exotic wood, can be used to remove old waxes or to strip delicate surfaces.

Steel Wool # 000 grade (fine) for the dulling of varnish, polishing and penetration of buffing wax.


150 g · 0 $11.55 In stock
150 g · 00 $11.55 In stock
150 g · 000 $11.55 In stock


Classification Accessories / Various Accessories
Brand Les Anciens Ébénistes
Size 150 g
Sold Since April 23, 2007

Steel strings



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