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Edge Filler Mastic by Briançon


Briançon’s Edge Filler Mastic is a natural, biodegradable , solvent free product which allows easy finishing of pressed wood edges, i.e. the raw surface made from the width of a pressed wood panel which shows the bonded wood particles.

Edge Filler Mastic is easily applied with the help of a spatula and it will age without darkening the wood or delaminate from its support. It is a very dense and very fine product, which can be painted, varnished or tinted. It will not lose its adherence under the action of heat.

Edge Filler Mastic is available in white..

How to Use


  • Make sure that the pressed wood edges are dry and clean and free of any wax or dirt. Sand and/or strip if required before proceeding further). Meticulous dusting is recommended.


  • Mix the product thoroughly with a spatula before using. Do not use the product under 18 degrees Celsius.
  • For a quick finish, apply only once
  • For a high quality finish, apply twice, and finish with a 220 grit sanding
  • The product can be tinted by incorporating universal dyes directly in the white Edge Filler can before application.

Tools: Edge Filler Mastic can be applied with a spatula.

Drying time: Can be sanded after 30 minutes.

Number of coats: 1 for a quick finish - 2 for a high quality finish


Category Restoration
Brand Briançon
Sold Since November 25, 2013

White cream


Edge Filler Mastic will keep for 3 years in its original sealed container.

Tools cleaning



Can be tinted with universal dyes, can be varnished and painted.

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