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Behkol Solvent by Behlen


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Bekhol is a proprietary solvent made from a unique combination of Ethanol and Isobutanol. It was specifically blended as a dissolving medium for shellac flakes and as a solvent for shellac. Behkol's formulation allows for a better flow of shellac and padding lacquers. It can also be used to reduce varnishes, French polishes, spirit stains, and removers. It may be used to dissolve aniline dyes as well.

Bekhol is also ideal for cleaning fine bristle brushes after using with shellac based products. It can even be used to clean glass and other non-lacquered surfaces such as laminates.


Classification Thinners & Solvents
Brand Behlen
Sold Since April 2, 2014

Ethanol, butanol, isopropanol, water


800 g/L




Solvent odor


Clear liquid


Keep away from heat sources, sparks and flames.

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No methanol = great!

Brian Dean · Nov 6, 2018

Love that this is not a terribly poisonous denatured alcohol. I sometimes get it on my skin doing french polish, and methanol is very dangerous for the nervous system, so I'm glad this mixture has none! This is my go-to solvent for shellac flakes and french polish.

Great customer service

Troy Grant · Mar 13, 2017

Have used this product for years with consistantly good results. Shellac is a tricky business. Had a problem with shipping outside Artdec's control, and they backed up their service100%, solid "old school" customer service!

Behkol solvent

Wayne Redditt · Aug 22, 2016

Exactly what I was looking for


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