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The Badger 4004 Series is a high quality badger brush which is ideal for applying shellac based varnishes, lacquers, marine varnishes, and oil & urethane based varnishes. It is a hand-assembled badger with natural hair, which is cup chiseled, and flag bristled. The bristles are secured in a double epoxy setting (for less chance of hair loss) and are attached to the natural finished thin wooden handle (for better balance when flowing on finish) by a durable brass ferrule.

This brush was designed for durability and will allow you to obtain high quality finishes. Available in 2" (50mm) and 3" (75mm) width.


2 inch
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3 inch $69.95 In stock


Classification Accessories / Paintbrushes
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch
Sold Since April 21, 2014

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