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Mohawk Blue Label Paste Wax restores the original color of wood surfaces and provides a protective finish. Easily applied and polished, Blue Label Paste Wax eliminates unsightly scratch marks, giving the surface an even color and appearance.

For Professional Use Only

Directions for use

Clean surface with mineral spirits to remove any oil, polish or old wax film. Apply a thin, even coat of Blue Label Paste Wax. This wax dries rapidly and may be polished to luster in a few minutes. For floors, apply a second coat and polish as above. Do not apply to much wax, allow to dry 20 minutes and polish lightly with a brush or a cloth to a hard polish. If a higher luster is desired, let dry for a few hours and apply another coat of wax and polish in the same manner.


Classification Wood Waxes
Brand Mohawk
Size 454 g (1 lb)
Sold Since September 15, 2017
SKU M860-12435
UPC 663392029860

Mineral Spirit, Turpentine, Carnauba Wax, Paraffin Wax.


90 sq ft / L


Does not exceed 615 grams/liter




Mineral Spirit

Shelf Life

3 years

Tools cleaning

Mineral Spirit

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