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Mahogany Stain by Ardec


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Mahogany Stain is a mix of pigments, soluble in tepid water, used to create nice mahogany color stains. Mahogany Stain is also used to prepare glazes in the restoration of antique objects. Mahogany Stain can be enhanced by mixing with Cassel earth and a mordant.

Directions of use

Preparation : Mix 1 L of warm water ( around 80 °C) with 250 g of Mahogany Stain.

Like many other natural pigments, when preparing, the more we add pigments in water, the more the color darken.

Once the Mahogany Stain is dissolved, boil the preparation at low heat for 15 minutes to obtain a higher quality stain.

It’s also possible to add 50 ml of ammonia in the Mahogany Stain preparation, this will provide an excellent mordant and a great light stability.


Category Pigments, Earths & Oxides
Brand Ardec
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Red powder


Store in a well ventilated area.



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