American Walnut Vanity

Ingrid Schneider · Jan 23, 2019, 10:17

Hi! We're trying to complete a bathroom vanity we started last summer (unfortunately due to an accident had to be put on hold). We just finished varnishing the birch drawers as per your recommendation using Finico and they turned out great, thank you.

We then tried staining a test piece of the drawer fronts/outside which is American walnut. We had previously ordered test samples (Aug 24th) of Osmo Polyx-Oil and chose the Clear Satin (#3043) and then ordered some (Oct 15th). The test we did now is much darker than the sample test we had initially done. We didn't notice the number on the can when we received it (#3054) and now we noticed the tech sheet is also different than the one we previously printed. The new one now notes that for darker wood they now recommend the 'Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin'. Did the original Polyx-oil change and is it still possible to get the original (#3043)? Or should we try thinning the new one (#3054, which says not to), so it won't be quite so dark, or should we just try the other one (#3101 I think)? Your advise is really appreciated. Thank you.

René Carrier · Technical Support · Jan 24, 2019, 12:16

We contacted Osmo Canada and they told us it is possible that if you use 3054 next to 3043 there will be a subtle difference in color. I am not sure why the finish is much darker in your case. I do not think that diluting the product would have a significant impact on the color of the finish.

The good news is that 3043 is the new formulae and 3054 is the old one. We will ship 2 cans of 3043 hoping it will solve your problem.

We updated the technical data sheet on our website.

Ingrid Schneider · Jan 24, 2019, 13:01

Thank you so much contacting Osmo and for the great news about #3043, the shade on the walnut is really beautiful! Also, we have added a picture, it doesn't really show the colour too good, but it does show the difference in the darkness on the walnut. Looking so forward to getting this vanity completed, we will send pictures when finished (and we're so happy we found Ardec).


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