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Ecopoxy safe for bread / cheese / charcuterie boards?

3 responses · Apr 8, 2021 · by Mike Oreskovic
Hi there - just wondering if Ecopoxy was food safe to use for bread/cheese/charcuterie boards?

Maple Guitar Body

5 responses · Mar 2, 2021 · by Richard Johnston
I plan on finishing a maple guitar kit using the following Mohawk Products as well as some water based stain. …

Filler/sealer compatibility

1 response · Apr 5, 2021 · by Mitchell H
Hello, I'm building a guitar and my current finish plan is: Timbermate filler, Mohawk vinyl sealer and finally, 2k polyurethane. …

Care / maintenance for walnut bedframe

8 responses · Mar 17, 2021 · by Elise N.
Hi, Solid walnut bedframe looks sun-kissed and dry. I believe the original finish contained some poly in the mix and …

OSMO Wood Wax Re-finish

3 responses · Mar 18, 2021 · by Chris Plunkett
My client now wants an opaque finish on the kitchen. The cabinets are maple veneer finished with OSMO Wood Wax, …

Will Mowhawk stick to Osmo hard wax

2 responses · Mar 14, 2021 · by Mikey B
Hey guys just trying to find out if this Mohawk product lacquer will stick to hard wax osmo? Thank you …

Stain / dye new Maple kitchen cupboards

1 response · Mar 13, 2021 · by Paul Brownell
I'm building a set of kitchen cupboards out of Maple, dressed for the doors and drawer fronts, plywood for the …

How to tone down a too-orange stain

1 response · Mar 4, 2021 · by Alanna
Hello- looking for some advice with regards to a DIY amateur woodworking project. We are trying to build a headboard …

Ultra seal-WB shellac and danish oil

1 response · Mar 3, 2021 · by scott baker
Good evening, I am try to find out if I can use ultra seal over top of danish oil? The …

Product suggestion for Butcher Block that has been mineral oiled

1 response · Mar 1, 2021 · by will attwood
Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a product for me. I have a wormy maple butcher block. It …

Refinishing cabinets

2 responses · Feb 28, 2021 · by Dan Alford
Hello, Im refinishing maple kitchen cabinets and going with a cloud white 967. Please advise me on the process and …

Refinishing a kiaat wood dining table. Total newbie here.

3 responses · Feb 24, 2021 · by Elise N.
Hi! I found a dining table on Kijiji. It was listed as South African teak and a brief search into …

Mohawk Ultra Penetrating Stain - Trying to find a close match

3 responses · Dec 22, 2020 · by Tristan Wan
Hi, I have a bathroom vanity project that I'll be building out of Baltic Birch plywood. The client sent me …

Buffing methods

2 responses · Jan 16, 2021 · by Enrico Basco
Hello, I am a wood ring maker and use various species of wood. Do you any waxes that can be …

Staining and Finishing Staircase

1 response · Feb 9, 2021 · by Kendyl Bassindale
Hi, I am about to finish a new pine staircase. So I will initially be appying a conditioner to the …

Shellac over Osmo?

4 responses · Jan 25, 2021 · by Steven Blake
Hi, I’ve been making shaving brush handles and am still working out the best finish. I have used dilute marine …


4 responses · Jan 25, 2021 · by Michelle
Hello, We're completing a renovation project, and I've decided to re-stain the stairs before we move in in a month. …

Mohawk Product Compatibility

2 responses · Jan 26, 2021 · by mark
Hi All I am refinishing a guitar, typical cheap "starter" guitar with whatever basic wood covering over some sort of …

Antique Walnut or Brown Mahogany.GF Gel stain

1 response · Jan 22, 2021 · by Patricia Grummett
My.bannister is medium oak and floor is as shown in picture. Would you suggest antique walnut or brown mahogany to …

laquer and color

1 response · Jan 18, 2021 · by ANT
would like to know if you have a white lacquer like wild heron or wild goose, and what is it's …

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