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Osmo, Bona or Saman?

1 response · Nov 24, 2023 · by Peggy Frith
I finished a fir floor with Osmo in 2014. The tenants in the cabin did not take care of the …

Black walnut tabletop

2 responses · Nov 20, 2023 · by emil
Hi there, I am looking at finishing a freshly built black walnut tabletop. I just want to apply a clear …

Toner Colour for Birch

7 responses · Oct 20, 2023 · by A. DeGiuli
Hi, I am working on a birch dresser and would like to use your Toner Laquer spray to even out …

Questions on finishing a walnut and pine railing

6 responses · Nov 7, 2023 · by Marc
Hi ARDEC team, I only just came across your website while looking for various items to finish my cottage railing. …

I'm trying to remove acrylic epoxy splotches from my sticky hands off my satin guitar neck,

3 responses · Oct 30, 2023 · by JP
I poured acrylic epoxy on the face of my guitar and Its very challenging. I wasn't paying enough attention and …

Spraying poly to pre-finished edge

2 responses · Oct 13, 2023 · by Steve1
I am building some sapele book-cases. The interior has been pre-finished before glue-up ( 4 coats shellac, 4 coats AquaCoat …

What species of wood do I have?

4 responses · Oct 18, 2023 · by Chris Hoffmann
I’m having such a tough time determining what type of wood floors I have. Some background that could help, house …

Flour paint recipe

11 responses · Oct 8, 2023 · by Bee
Hi, I'm interested in your flour paint recipe and wondered if it can be used over older commercial paint,.and does …

Sanding Sealer

1 response · Oct 15, 2023 · by Glenn
Going to use EM6600 WB on a pine night stand that I have sanded down to bare wood. I would …

1000 and 6000 water based sealer and laquer drying

1 response · Oct 1, 2023 · by Mike Olynyk
Hi there. Is there a way to thin both the 1000 sealer and 6000 laquer and also for both to …

Rubio Invisible Maintenance Oil vs Universal Maintenance Oil

2 responses · Sep 27, 2023 · by JL
Hello, is there a difference between Rubio's Invisible Maintenance Oil and Universal Maintenance Oil? My application is to add stain …

Restore a 1980s Deck

10 responses · Aug 17, 2023 · by Tony
Hello, I have a 550 SF covered deck built in the early to mid 1980s. It looks like they used …

Bora Finish

2 responses · Sep 14, 2023 · by Richard Kent
Can I use general finishes water based sanding sealer, and then apply Bona Traffic HD directly overtop? I am using …

Cedar deck finishing

1 response · Aug 15, 2023 · by Grenz
I have a covered deck with cedar decking. I want to keep the natural look of the wood but read …

Saman Stain Variations - Garden

2 responses · Aug 15, 2023 · by Carola
Hi! I apologize if this was already addressed - I found a color chart on Pinterest from this website with …

Question on using Wood Filler

1 response · Aug 15, 2023 · by Chanden
Hello, My name is chanden deep. I am making an Office desk with black Walnut. Slab has some very very …

weathered door

2 responses · Aug 10, 2023 · by Lynne Sheehan
I have an exterior wood veneer door that has weathered over 40 years from sun, snow, rain. The door is …

Working with drift wood

6 responses · Jul 30, 2023 · by Scott fradsham
Hi, I got your business name from a friend of mine and highly recommended me to contact you and see …

Thinning of Osmo Produxts

1 response · Jul 29, 2023 · by Terry Young
Can Osmo brush cleaner and thinner product be used to thin their finishes? I use the poly-oil, high solid, clear.

EM9300 Cure Time?

13 responses · Apr 12, 2023 · by glenn e taylor
How long after spraying EM 9300 should I wait before doing a level sand and polish? I can find no …

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