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Ask your questions about wood finishing.


Satin finish sanding?

5 responses · Sep 16, 2021 · by mark
Hi I have a guitar I am finishing with a satin finish lacquer (this one: I want to know …

Iron Sulfate Coverage

1 response · Aug 18, 2021 · by Meagan
Hello, How much coverage can the Iron Sulfate do?

New western red cedar deck

1 response · Aug 9, 2021 · by Joseph K
Hello! I am very happy to find this site with a lot of valuable information and products! I recently finished …


1 response · Aug 3, 2021 · by Shane Benvenuti
Hey just wondering cause I have not reviewed my order yet.

storage of Pareo Zero -metal can ok? shelf life?

4 responses · Jun 21, 2021 · by John Hanrahan
I noticed both the 1 and 4 gal sized containers of Pareo Zero are plastic. Can surplus Pareo Zero colorless …

Tacky Gel stain and high humidity

4 responses · Jun 4, 2021 · by Noelle Hansen
I am trying to stain my oak cabinets with General Finishes Carbon Grey gel stain. I prepped well, and tried …

Tung Oil for raied garden

4 responses · May 6, 2021 · by seby
I am building a raised vegetable garden! Is it safe to use Tung oil to preserve the wood on the …

Stringed Instrument Lacquer

2 responses · Jun 2, 2021 · by Richard Johnston
I recently started a guitar project and was only able to get 3 coats of M113-1406 Instrument Lacquer on the …

Floor repair

3 responses · May 27, 2021 · by Bhupender
Can anyone help me on where to start on how to fix my floors? Accidentally drilled into our floors and …

Barn board versus lifetime product

1 response · May 27, 2021 · by Ryan parliament
I just installed a new hot tub with a cedar surround. due to Covid I was unable to get cedar …

Maple Chopping block laundry counter top l

2 responses · May 10, 2021 · by Robin Pellett
How best to protect hard maple chopping block counter top used in laundry room with laundry sink. Marine grade poly? …

Best clear finish for outdoor furniture

1 response · May 8, 2021 · by emil
I would like to clear coat cedar and pine outdoor furniture. What would be the best product to use? I …

Behlen Buffer’s Polish

2 responses · May 7, 2021 · by Rick
I understand that the Behlen Buffer’s Polish has been discontinued. Is there a replacement product for this? Where can I …

Live edge epoxy bench

2 responses · May 2, 2021 · by Andy Blackmore
Hi I’m currently building live edge benches with flow cast epoxy. I was wondering what osmo product to use to …

Ecopoxy safe for bread / cheese / charcuterie boards?

3 responses · Apr 8, 2021 · by Mike Oreskovic
Hi there - just wondering if Ecopoxy was food safe to use for bread/cheese/charcuterie boards?

Maple Guitar Body

5 responses · Mar 2, 2021 · by Richard Johnston
I plan on finishing a maple guitar kit using the following Mohawk Products as well as some water based stain. …

Filler/sealer compatibility

1 response · Apr 5, 2021 · by Mitchell H
Hello, I'm building a guitar and my current finish plan is: Timbermate filler, Mohawk vinyl sealer and finally, 2k polyurethane. …

Care / maintenance for walnut bedframe

8 responses · Mar 17, 2021 · by Elise N.
Hi, Solid walnut bedframe looks sun-kissed and dry. I believe the original finish contained some poly in the mix and …

OSMO Wood Wax Re-finish

3 responses · Mar 18, 2021 · by Chris Plunkett
My client now wants an opaque finish on the kitchen. The cabinets are maple veneer finished with OSMO Wood Wax, …

Will Mowhawk stick to Osmo hard wax

2 responses · Mar 14, 2021 · by Mikey B
Hey guys just trying to find out if this Mohawk product lacquer will stick to hard wax osmo? Thank you …

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