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Difference between acrylic lacquer and acrylic urethane

3 responses · Jun 10, 2019 · Mic
What is the difference between acrylic lacquer and acrylic urethane? Spraying on to wood......high gloss mostly, clear mostly

Tint emtech em6000

1 response · Jun 7, 2019 · Mic
Is it possible to tint em6000 lacquer? If so how? I am looking fir transparent clear coats to spray guitars

emtech em6500 over diluted em1000

1 response · May 29, 2019 · Pascal St-Gelais
Hello I jave searched in many technical sheet but haven't been able to confirm this info. I a video O saw that you should not use use the em6500 over the sanding sealer em1000. my ...

Flour paint for gluten sensitive

0 responses · Apr 19, 2019 · Kriste
I would love to use flour paint on exterior wood, but my daughter is gluten sensitive. Is it possible to replace wheat or rye flour with a different flour? Buckwheat or oats maybe? If not, ...

Best finish for epoxy charcuterie board

2 réponses · 16 Avr 2019 · Justin
I have recently poured an epoxy charcuterie board with cherry live edge, after a lot of research I'm still unsure of a good finish that works on both epoxy and wood as well as is ...

Osmo oil for pine windows?

2 responses · Mar 5, 2019 · Elizabeth A Turner
I have used (and loved) Osmo Oil (poly x) to finish some hardwood furniture projects, and am wondering about its suitability for use on pine windows. I have ordered some Marvin windows (Integrity Wood-Ultrex) and ...

Use of denatured alcohol to prevent checking in green wood.

4 responses · Feb 4, 2019 · Dave Speakman
Hi, I am beginning to turn wood. I'd like to make some stools. I'm using green birch. Green birch that I have rough turned checks quickly. I've tried pentacryl, polyurethane and a linseed oil/beeswax finish ...

American Walnut Vanity

2 responses · Jan 23, 2019 · Ingrid Schneider
Hi! We're trying to complete a bathroom vanity we started last summer (unfortunately due to an accident had to be put on hold). We just finished varnishing the birch drawers as per your recommendation using ...

Dark Tung Oil

1 response · Jan 11, 2019 · Marco
Hi , I just completed applying dark tung oil to a 150 grit sanded, kiln dried 8x10 section of Douglas Fir that will be used as a mantel. The ends came out perfect which is ...

Finishing exotic hardwoods containing natural oils

3 responses · Jan 6, 2019 · cameron bowes
I am finishing some wood boxes made from Padauk wood. I also use other woods like Purplehart which are oily. I would like to try an oil finish like the Osmo products. I have used ...

Shupping to US

1 response · Jan 4, 2019 · Carlos
Hi, can you shipping the Bitumen of Judea to Austin, TX?

Filling gaps between floor board

1 response · Dec 17, 2018 · BobbyD
I am refinishing some old tongue and groove pine floors. Would you recommend your Timbermate product to fill gaps between the boards? The gaps are up to 3/16 inch (most are 1/8 or less). I ...

pawlonia outdoors finishes

1 response · Oct 4, 2018 · Todd
I am seeking a clear finish for a bench made of 3" slabs of pawlonia. I'd like to keep the light wood color as much as possible, though recognize it will grey with time. Fungus ...

Shellac mixture for HVLP

3 responses · Oct 3, 2018 · Shawn Schneider
Is there any solid advice I can get about the proper mixing ratio to spray a smooth even sheen on shellac? My customer ordered flakes and disolved them in Klean strip denatured ALC. I have ...

Baltic Birch Drawer Finish

1 response · Sep 17, 2018 · Ingrid Schneider
My husband is building us a bathroom vanity and is using Baltic birch for the drawers. What would be the best type of finish to use inside the drawers (I'm the finisher)?

Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors

1 response · Aug 13, 2018 · -
Hi there! We have recently purchased a home which has Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors (the wood is Beechwood by Pollmeier) throughout. We have been trying to find out how to maintain these floors and what ...


4 responses · Jul 11, 2018 · Craig Salt
My staining project went horribly wrong... Saman lime green splotches all over an antique table. How do I proceed in removing the colour and evening out the finish... please help!

Proper glaze to use with EM6500

2 responses · Jul 12, 2018 · JoeM
Hi, I am new to the Target EM6500. I would like to finish a bed set with the EM6500 and use a glaze to enhance the look. Target does not seem to cover the use ...

Counter top with sink

3 responses · Jul 7, 2018 · Christopher Edwards
I'm have a 1.5" solid/laminated maple countertop in a laundry room I'm finishing that will have a deep undermount sink as part of it. I really like the matte look of the wax products from ...

Wax over Finico Tung Oil?

2 responses · Jun 24, 2018 · Martin Macdonald
Can a beeswax be applied over the last coat of Tung oil? Can the beeswax be mixed with the tung oil similar to mineral oil/beeswax mix? How long to wait before applying wax over tung ...

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