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pawlonia outdoors finishes

1 response · Oct 4, 2018 · Todd
I am seeking a clear finish for a bench made of 3" slabs of pawlonia. I'd like to keep the light wood color as much as possible, though recognize it will grey with time. Fungus ...

Shellac mixture for HVLP

3 responses · Oct 3, 2018 · Shawn Schneider
Is there any solid advice I can get about the proper mixing ratio to spray a smooth even sheen on shellac? My customer ordered flakes and disolved them in Klean strip denatured ALC. I have ...

Baltic Birch Drawer Finish

1 response · Sep 17, 2018 · Ingrid Schneider
My husband is building us a bathroom vanity and is using Baltic birch for the drawers. What would be the best type of finish to use inside the drawers (I'm the finisher)?

Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors

1 response · Aug 13, 2018 · -
Hi there! We have recently purchased a home which has Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors (the wood is Beechwood by Pollmeier) throughout. We have been trying to find out how to maintain these floors and what ...


4 responses · Jul 11, 2018 · Craig Salt
My staining project went horribly wrong... Saman lime green splotches all over an antique table. How do I proceed in removing the colour and evening out the finish... please help!

Proper glaze to use with EM6500

2 responses · Jul 12, 2018 · JoeM
Hi, I am new to the Target EM6500. I would like to finish a bed set with the EM6500 and use a glaze to enhance the look. Target does not seem to cover the use ...

Counter top with sink

3 responses · Jul 7, 2018 · Christopher Edwards
I'm have a 1.5" solid/laminated maple countertop in a laundry room I'm finishing that will have a deep undermount sink as part of it. I really like the matte look of the wax products from ...

Wax over Finico Tung Oil?

2 responses · Jun 24, 2018 · Martin Macdonald
Can a beeswax be applied over the last coat of Tung oil? Can the beeswax be mixed with the tung oil similar to mineral oil/beeswax mix? How long to wait before applying wax over tung ...

solid body guitar finishing

12 responses · Apr 11, 2018 · Gordon Steeves
Hi, I just came across your site while doing a search for Behlen products. I just received a great Swamp Ash billet, with lots of grain patterns. I am making a Telecaster style body, the ...

Email verification

1 response · Mar 27, 2018 · Kevin
What is the process to get Email address verification?

Tung oil for trim and doors

3 responses · Mar 18, 2018 · Brad Elford
Hello, I am finishing a new red pine floor with your Tung Oil. Should I use the same amount of coats for the doors and trim as the floor or can I use less for ...

Finishing a butcher block bakers table

1 response · Mar 7, 2018 · D. K . Banks
I am trying to seal out & put a hard finish on a Maple butcher block table that was used for years as a bakers work table. My usual wipe on poly is not sealing ...

Gel stains and Finishing oil

1 response · Mar 5, 2018 · Patrick
Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read through and answer! What I want: I am restoring an existing century old pine stair case that I wish to stain and finish. The spindles are ...

oil for interior timber frame finish

1 response · Feb 21, 2018 · Yanick
What is the best oil for timber frame post and beam finish? Is Porto Verde as good than Greenoil (Carve)


1 response · Jan 18, 2018 · mike mcnerney
re. the target pigmented lacquer what is the diference between white pastel base & tinted

Linseed Oil

3 responses · Jan 10, 2018 · TTaylor
Can linseed oil be used as a wood sealer and preservative underneath oil based paint. In other words, can I apply linseed oil to exterior surfaces of raw pine wood window. After curing, can I ...

Ash Guitar

1 response · Dec 14, 2017 · Jon G
I'm looking to excentuate the grain of my ash guitar Do I apply a lacquer before using a dark filler to bring out the grain? Can I seal the guitar with tru oil after using ...

Hardwax Oil Table Top Finish

1 response · Nov 24, 2017 · Chad MacCallum
I just recently purchased a can of Oslo Polyx-oil and Pareo Secondo to try out on a few furniture projects. The first test will be refinishing a dining table top that will see a lot ...

Cabinet door finishing for novice!

1 response · Nov 21, 2017 · JoeClark
Hello, I just built my first set of cabinets and doors. I am very happy with the result. Poplar face frames and poplar door frames with mdf panel. I am trying to match a finish ...

How to Fix a Mottled Stain Finish on Maple

0 responses · Nov 21, 2017 · JoeClark
Hello, I made a large table top (84" x 42") out of hard maple. I milled this wood from rough lumber. It came out beautifully (and heavy). However, when I applied MinWax stain (Provincial oil-based), ...

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