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Lacquer and sealer for MDF cabinets.

2 réponses · 27 Sep 2020 · par Syed
I need lacquer finish on my cabinets' doors and sides. What is the best way to use Mohawk pre-catalyzed white …

Chestnut door exposed to the elements and south view

1 response · Sep 17, 2020 · by jwells
Would it be better to use Oslo - One Coat Only HS Plus and then follow with 2-3 coats of …

Western Red Cedar deck rebuild

3 responses · Aug 25, 2020 · by Chris Sears
Hi - I recently rebuilt half of the lower surface of a western red cedar deck due to moisture issues …

Protecting old wood

2 responses · Apr 26, 2020 · by Chuck
I'm looking for a product that I can apply over paint and unpainted surfaces on an old 12 light door …

Refinishing barn floors naturally

7 responses · Jun 6, 2020 · by MelG
I'm interested in a natural finish for my floors. I am renovating a 100 year old barn into a home …

topcoat for tung oil finish

3 responses · Jun 9, 2020 · by Francois Quidoz
Currently finishing a walnut tabletop (for a desk) with Tung Oil it’s in the process of drying / …

Restoring a 20 year old deck

1 response · Jun 8, 2020 · by AlHa
Hello, I am looking to restore my 20-year old pressure treated wood deck which is starting to deteriorate from the …

Old moulding

2 responses · Jun 6, 2020 · by Fiona
We have stripped layers of paint, old varnish and some stain off wood trim in our dining room. The trim …

Refinishing barn floors naturally

0 responses · Jun 6, 2020 · by MelG
I'm interested in a natural finish for my floors. I am renovating a 100 year old barn into a home …

Cherry wood window frame

4 responses · May 30, 2020 · by Roadlinerbiker
Good day I just finish to build window box and frame made of cherry wood. I would like to keep …

Fuji 2904-T70 Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM

1 response · May 31, 2020 · by Xavy
HI! I bought the Fuji 2904-T70 Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM - T70 HVLP Spray System and i read the its a …

Osmo wood wax or oil stain

1 response · May 25, 2020 · by chad kania
Hi. I have some red oak flooring that I would like to stain black. I would like the grain Pattern …

Restore Cedar post on front porch

6 responses · May 1, 2020 · by Roadlinerbiker
I need to restore Cedar post which they are turning black. so I will more than like strip all varnish …

Best hardwood filler for use with OSMO Polyx-Oil

2 responses · Apr 27, 2020 · by Rui Sequeira
Hi, I have about 830sq feet of maple hardwood flooring to refinish with OSMO Polyx-Oil. What is the best wood …

Truck bed finishing

1 response · Apr 27, 2020 · by Chris Gerrits
Hello. I have an old truck and I am putting new wood in the bed. I have black walnut so …

What went wrong?

5 responses · Apr 3, 2020 · by Jean Dyer
I’ve been using/experimenting with the spray can Clear gloss finish on my woodturnings. So far I have had great success. …

Tinting marine (spar) varnish

1 response · Apr 2, 2020 · by Keith @ Legacy Wooden Boats
I need to darken and adjust the colour of a wooden boat without a full 'down to wood' refinish. Is …

Live edge furniture

5 responses · Mar 29, 2020 · by Glen
I am building furniture using red pine 'chicot' (dead wood, dried standing with no bark) . It is a beautifull …

Arm-R-Seal oil based topcoat over Tried and True Danish Oil

3 responses · Mar 27, 2020 · by Greg
Hello, I'm wondering about putting Arm-R-Seal oil based satin top coat over Tried and True Danish Oil ( Before I …

Uv epoxy

1 response · Mar 15, 2020 · by Randall Martin
Can uv epoxy be sanded and polished to remove dirt specks and if so what is the product and procedure

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