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Ask your questions about wood finishing.


Pine Butcher Block Counter

5 responses · Apr 8, 2024 · by Ron S
Hello, I’ve got a newly refinished island countertop in reclaimed pine. We love the natural look and want to protect/seal …

wooden truck bed finish?

8 responses · Mar 3, 2024 · by mark knox
Hello, I'm replacing/reinstalling my 1961 GMC truck bed (was oak), the new boards are ash. I'm wondering, what is the …

Applying a sealant over hemp oil and milk paint

5 responses · Apr 4, 2024 · by Beth Venti
Hi! I painted my kitchen cabinets with a combination of 2 black milk paints. I then applied multiple coats of …

Interior Anti-Slip Wood Stairs

3 responses · Mar 26, 2024 · by Tony
I am building a staircase with oak treads in a 3-season cottage. Is Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip still the only …

Hardwood Sealing

1 response · Mar 25, 2024 · by BG
Hi, I am browsing for hardwood products for sealing and found this website. I have a hardwood floor and unfortunately …

Questions on finishing a walnut and pine railing

15 responses · Nov 7, 2023 · by Marc
Hi ARDEC team, I only just came across your website while looking for various items to finish my cottage railing. …

Polishing Compound for water based Poly

1 response · Mar 13, 2024 · by Steve1
I use General Finishes High Performance poly as topcoat and have been looking into doing a final polish. General Finishes …

Restaurant Tables

3 responses · Feb 24, 2024 · by Priyanka Lewis
Hi, I have some butcher block restaurant tables that I am about to finish. I typically have used Minwax stain …

finish pine trim and keep from yellowing

6 responses · Feb 16, 2024 · by Marc
Hi Ardec team, I have a lot of interior pine trim to finish - doors, casings for doors and windows, …

Darkening new kitchen cabinet doors

1 response · Feb 12, 2024 · by Jim Roberts
I had kitchen drawer fronts professionally made. Unfortunately they have come out much lighter than I wanted, and Im not …

Hardwood Maple Floor from Ancestral

1 response · Feb 11, 2024 · by Brock
I have a maple hardwood floor from Ancestral that had a natural oil finish installed fourteen years ago. As they …

Filtering paint

1 response · Feb 11, 2024 · by Aatos Lehtila
Ardec sells two kinds of filters to remove any particles from paint to be sprayed. I bought the cone filters …


2 responses · Feb 3, 2024 · by Danette Leroux
I used Fini-tech Aspect Ultra Matte but I ran out and the product is no longer available. Can I put …

Appropriate product for new clear pine exterior doors.

8 responses · Jan 17, 2024 · by Michael Dixon
Good Day, I’m looking for guidance on an appropriate product for new exterior clear pine doors for a cottage property. …

Preparation and finish of new softwood floor

2 responses · Dec 28, 2023 · by William Dechaine
I have just recently installed 1400sqft of eastern hemlock flooring in a seasonal residence. The floor is sanded (120grit) and …

Black walnut tabletop

3 responses · Nov 20, 2023 · by emil
Hi there, I am looking at finishing a freshly built black walnut tabletop. I just want to apply a clear …

A finish for canoe paddles

1 response · Jan 10, 2024 · by Andrew Maw
What type of finish would you recommend for newly built canoe paddles? Love your forum!

Bono traffic HD

7 responses · Dec 28, 2023 · by Ralph Mirarchi
I had my wood floors varnished with BONO TRAFFIC HD MATTE FINISH. I need to retouch an area which was …

Duchateau Floor Finish

4 responses · Jan 3, 2024 · by ReidC
We had Duchateau oil finished floors installed in our home 3 years ago. We've had consistent problems with a hazy …

What species of wood do I have?

5 responses · Oct 18, 2023 · by Chris Hoffmann
I’m having such a tough time determining what type of wood floors I have. Some background that could help, house …

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