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Flour paint

7 responses · Sep 16, 2017 · Ermionia
Could you please tell me 1. how I can get a light grey colour in flour paint 2. Can I use RAW linseed oil instead of boiled and, if not 3. How can I turn ...

Trying to make White paint from flour

6 responses · Jul 27, 2017 · Nicola
I used Blanc de Titane but it come out greyish, added Blanc de Meudon but it made no difference. I made 1 litre of paint and added 300g of Blanc de Titane and 100g of ...

finish over urine

1 response · Jul 6, 2017 · johann marx
I'm looking at a contract to redo a barn floor 2400 sq ft and have been told by the heath dept that i have to replace the floor.It's 2x6 stacked on edge is there a ...

Tongue oil

2 responses · May 3, 2017 · Bill Chaput
Can colours be added to tongue oil? I want to apply to clear pine doors

Oxalic Acid mix

1 response · Jan 13, 2017 · Antoine Gagnon
How do I make an Oxalic acid solution with the crystal purchased at your store?

lightening uno shades

1 response · Jan 20, 2015 · johann marx
I want to put a grey wash over pine that has what is called a natural blue stain.I like the grey uno but find it a little dark,can I mix the uno with secundo to ...

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