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Type of Rubio color on walnut

4 responses · Sep 19, 2022 · by SAM CHAN
Hi, I woud like to apply some Rubio monocoat to the front walnut drawer faces (1 on the left, and …

Osmo over Hemp Oil?

18 responses · Jan 29, 2022 · by Alex G
Hi there, My partner has been refinishing our floor. Last year she had sanded down our Doug Fir floors (I …

Peel Away 1 resulting in unwanted finish

16 responses · Jul 31, 2022 · by Alex G
We’ve used a can of Peel Away 1 to varying degrees of success. We found that we had over a …


3 responses · Sep 2, 2022 · by Colette
We extended our deck this summer, using pressure treated wood. I was told boiled linseed oil was the best product …

Osmo anti slip decking oil turns cloudy

4 responses · Aug 28, 2022 · by JOEL MONGEON
Hello, Last year I sanded my deck to bare wood and applied Osmo Rosewood decking oil as a base coat …

Outdoor table finish

5 responses · May 6, 2022 · by Tom
I am building a large outdoor table (120"x44"x2.5") that will sit under a patio cover. The wood is for the …

Finish for Claro Walnut slab

2 responses · Aug 15, 2022 · by Paul Clement
Hello I am working on a large slab of Claro walnut that will be wall mounted and backlit in a …

How to pour 30L Epoxy?

1 response · Aug 7, 2022 · by Edgar Ghahramanyan
I have a brand new 30L ecopoxy sitting on my table. It is giant! I want to pour it into …

Can you use Mixol with MinWax Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane?

6 responses · Jul 13, 2022 · by Valtetsi
We just had six lovely alder wood gates made. In order to make them look more like golden oak, the …

Exterior Cedar Tongue & groove Deck Ceiling

12 responses · Apr 27, 2022 · by Jim Barton
I recently installed 1500 sq. ft. of red cedar under a second story exterior deck. I want to use a …

Mohawk wiping stain color modification

2 responses · May 17, 2022 · by J
I need a little advice on a project for my house... I installed prefinished maple hardwood throughout the house. I …

restoring gray wood that is coated with Pareo Zero

4 responses · May 6, 2022 · by Montreal Ouest
I used Pareo zero colorless finish on a thermotreated ash deck which is shaded by large trees. The wood was …

Spraying Epifnes Clear Varnish over epoxy

2 responses · May 23, 2022 · by Tony Iannone
Hi, I'm spraying Epifanes clear varnish over 3 coats of West System epoxy and I seem to be getting some …

What finish won’t make my oak yellow

7 responses · May 25, 2022 · by Cortney
We have an existing oak floor on the majority of our main level. We are purchasing new, unfinished oak floor …

Buying Mixol product

8 responses · Mar 22, 2022 · by Stan
Is Mixol available at retail level in Toronto, Oshawa, Whitby or Peterborough, Ontario?

Sealer for mdf before Veneer

6 responses · Mar 13, 2022 · by Discobox
Looking for my best option on sealing MDF before the application of PSA veneer. I was looking at both the …

Strengthening Support Beams Containing Rot

5 responses · Mar 14, 2022 · by Alain Douchant
I'm in the process of restoring an old century home, approximately 150 years old, and there is significant rot on …

Polywhite - Pigmented Polyurethane Lacquer

2 responses · May 13, 2022 · by Syed
Polywhite - Pigmented Polyurethane Lacquer Can this coating be applied with a roller ?

EM7000 cure time

1 response · May 9, 2022 · by Darcy
I am finishing a guitar with EM7000 gloss. I’ve just applied my final coat and wondering how long I need …

Pet Accidents

4 responses · Mar 21, 2022 · by Nitsan
I have an oiled white oak floor and any pet accidents shows forever. Is there any product out there that …

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