Interior Anti-Slip Wood Stairs

Tony · Mar 26, 2024, 09:55

I am building a staircase with oak treads in a 3-season cottage. Is Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip still the only good option to help make the treads non-slip? Can I apply this on the bare wood, or do I need to use a Bona sealer product underneath the HD Anti-Slip? Any ideas on how to make them non-slip would be appreciated.
Thank you

Marilyn · Technical Support · Mar 26, 2024, 11:16


If you are looking to varnish then yes. The Bona Traffic Anti-Slip is the only product we have to offer in a varnish.

You will need a Bona sealer as indicated in the manufacturer instructions.

If you wish to oil, Osmo has the Polyx-Oil which can then be follow with the Osmo Anti-Slip Maintenance Oil.

Both very good options.

Carefully following manufacturer instruction for best possible results.

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