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Pet Accidents

4 responses · Mar 21, 2022 · by Nitsan
I have an oiled white oak floor and any pet accidents shows forever. Is there any product out there that …

Fuji T70 vs GXPC Guns

1 response · Apr 24, 2022 · by Steve1
I am considering Fuji system I am rather leaning towards the GXPC gun because of its small size and ability …

Mixol tinting water based polyurethane

1 response · Mar 21, 2022 · by Stan
I want to add a hint of black transparently to deepen the shou Sugi ban wood surface of white cedar …

Multiple Layers of P.C. Woody Wood Epoxy Applied to Itself

3 responses · Mar 15, 2022 · by KC
Can I apply this product to itself in multiple layers letting the previous layer cure/dry first? In other words, and …

Flour paint on rough sawn pine

2 responses · Jan 22, 2022 · by Anne Jordan
Hi, I am considering using flour paint on my rough sawn pine exterior siding, but it currently has mold or …

+/- 100 year old Canadian pine “refectory” table

3 responses · Jan 20, 2022 · by Winston
I am going to refinish the 4 surface planks (legs and skirt are fine). I will remove the current varnish …

recommended primer for Epoxy Resin on MDF

4 responses · Jan 18, 2022 · by Nitrous2022
Hi there, Is the vinyl primer suitable for priming MDF prior to application of epoxy resin?

Finish for black locust table top .

2 responses · Jan 8, 2022 · by Ron k
Hi I am building a 6ft circular table from a black locust tree. I would like to stain it a …

Top Oil - Should I fix one spot, or finish the whole table?

1 response · Jan 6, 2022 · by Z Suleiman
Hi there, I got a custom-made desk made for me. Last night, I guess I dropped a dime-sized drop of …

UVPOXY Problem

4 responses · Oct 27, 2021 · by LarryM
I have some ECOPOXY that is about 2 years old and still looks OK in its separate containers. However, I …

Barn Board Table Top

1 response · Dec 25, 2021 · by Chris S
Hello, we just custom-designed and had made a kitchen island with a 2" plus century barn beam top consisting of …

Best finisher for a table

3 responses · Dec 20, 2021 · by Helen
Hi, I recently bough a table at Structube(made in India) which had a finisher already. I don't know what finisher …

EM6000 Water based lacquer maintenance

4 responses · Nov 4, 2021 · by Michael Beriault
I currently use regular lacquer and tell clients to clean with dish soap and water. This is probably dumb, but …

Cedar tub surround

3 responses · Dec 10, 2021 · by Ted
Hello, Installing tongue and groove cedar panelling in a tub surround application. Can you recommend an oil or other sealer …

Satin finish sanding?

17 responses · Sep 16, 2021 · by mark
Hi I have a guitar I am finishing with a satin finish lacquer (this one: I want to know …

Finish over Granite Countertops

2 responses · Nov 19, 2021 · by Kathy van Gogh
Hi there, Can you recommend a series of products to go over a granite countertop? It doesn't necessarily have to …

Cabinet catastrophe

1 response · Nov 7, 2021 · by The desperate one
Help! I'm refinishing my honey oak cabinets. I stripped and sanded for days and thought that i got all of …

Iron Sulfate Coverage

1 response · Aug 18, 2021 · by Meagan
Hello, How much coverage can the Iron Sulfate do?

New western red cedar deck

1 response · Aug 9, 2021 · by Joseph K
Hello! I am very happy to find this site with a lot of valuable information and products! I recently finished …


1 response · Aug 3, 2021 · by Shane Benvenuti
Hey just wondering cause I have not reviewed my order yet.

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