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Technical Support

Ask your questions about wood finishing.


Satin Finishes

6 responses · Mar 5, 2020 · by Nigel Osborne
I build custom electric guitars. I typically use Mohawk Instrument Lacquer when working towards a high-gloss finish. However, I also …

Comparison of EM6000 versus EM7000

1 response · Feb 19, 2020 · by Mike Edel
Hello - I have already used the EM 6000 on a bedroom furniture project and it performed very well. I …

Recommendation for Water based pigmented Topcoat

1 response · Jan 31, 2020 · by Eli
I am deciding between two products (Mohawk waterbased post cat) and the EM6500 for the kitchen refinishing job. Which one …

Natrual sealant

7 responses · Dec 7, 2019 · by GaryH
Hi, I'm trying to seal a plywood from the natural elements, wind, rain, etc. The sealant must be completely natural, …

Recomendation for cabinet refinishing

7 responses · Nov 5, 2019 · by Strob
I would like to refinish my kitchen cabinets. Here are some pics of their actual state. What do you recommend …

How much pigment needed?

2 responses · Sep 17, 2019 · by Greg Smith
I'm building a resin table that will use most of a 12L kit of EcoPoxy 2:1. I'm planning on using …

Best finish for epoxy charcuterie board

5 responses · Apr 16, 2019 · by Justin
I have recently poured an epoxy charcuterie board with cherry live edge, after a lot of research I'm still unsure …

Osmo decking oil over Osmo UV

1 response · Aug 24, 2019 · by James LaRocca
I'm making an outdoor bench from walnut. The description of OSMO UV Oil says that it shouldn't be used on …

guitar finishing

2 responses · Aug 14, 2019 · by thanks!
Hi I am trying to replicate a faded honeyburst gibson style what products would I need? heres an example of …

Flour paint questions

4 responses · Aug 14, 2019 · by Bee
Hi, I really love the recipe for flour paint on this website but I was just wondering a couple of …

EM6500 substrate

1 response · Aug 12, 2019 · by Chris
Hello. I received a set of Innocraft (Chinese ready-to-assemble brand) kitchen cabinets that were handled before the finish had dried. …

Wood Electric Guitar Finishing

4 responses · Jun 17, 2019 · by Blair Dunlop
I have a few species of solid wood guitars Pine, Alder and Ash that I will be finishing (see Images …

Flour paint for gluten sensitive

3 responses · Apr 19, 2019 · by Kriste
I would love to use flour paint on exterior wood, but my daughter is gluten sensitive. Is it possible to …

Difference between acrylic lacquer and acrylic urethane

3 responses · Jun 10, 2019 · by Mic
What is the difference between acrylic lacquer and acrylic urethane? Spraying on to wood......high gloss mostly, clear mostly

Tint emtech em6000

1 response · Jun 7, 2019 · by Mic
Is it possible to tint em6000 lacquer? If so how? I am looking fir transparent clear coats to spray guitars

emtech em6500 over diluted em1000

1 response · May 29, 2019 · by Pascal St-Gelais
Hello I jave searched in many technical sheet but haven't been able to confirm this info. I a video O …

Osmo oil for pine windows?

2 responses · Mar 5, 2019 · by Elizabeth A Turner
I have used (and loved) Osmo Oil (poly x) to finish some hardwood furniture projects, and am wondering about its …

Use of denatured alcohol to prevent checking in green wood.

4 responses · Feb 4, 2019 · by Dave Speakman
Hi, I am beginning to turn wood. I'd like to make some stools. I'm using green birch. Green birch that …

American Walnut Vanity

2 responses · Jan 23, 2019 · by Ingrid Schneider
Hi! We're trying to complete a bathroom vanity we started last summer (unfortunately due to an accident had to be …

Dark Tung Oil

1 response · Jan 11, 2019 · by Marco
Hi , I just completed applying dark tung oil to a 150 grit sanded, kiln dried 8x10 section of Douglas …

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