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How to prepare scratched and dented furniture for staining

3 responses · Nov 1, 2022 · by Linda C
I watched your videos on how to apply your gel stain and sealer I’m wondering if you can repair chipped …

Refinishing/touching up a varnished oak floor

1 response · Jan 25, 2023 · by Sean McCutcheon
What is the recommended procedure and product(s) to use in touching up scuffed sections of a varnished oak floor?

EmTech 6500 over caulk

2 responses · Jan 21, 2023 · by Tea C
Working on interior trim, and I was wondering if anyone has experience using EmTech 6500 (tinted lacquer) over a elastomeric …

Vacuum chamber and Eco Poxy Clear coating Epoxy

1 response · Jan 17, 2023 · by Brian Mitchell
Hi my name is Brian Mitchell I buy my Eco Poxy from your Company. Can you please tell me is …

Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax

2 responses · Jan 1, 2023 · by Howard Lee
Hello, I wanted to ask if a wood (bare wood is sanded with very - ultra fine sandpaper as in …

PP Woven Shopping Bag factory

0 responses · Jan 3, 2023 · by wwouddou
PP Woven Shopping Bag factory Jiaxing Jinguang Houseware Co.,Ltd is located in JiaShan,Zhejiang. One and a half a hour away …

Wood Turning Finish with Emtech

8 responses · Dec 8, 2022 · by Eric Hansen
In regards to the product EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane, is this the best final finish for a bowl or art hollow …

how to clean glass from Arm-R-Seal

2 responses · Nov 29, 2022 · by Tibor
I am using this product on my French glass door. Maybe I used a little too much with the brash. …

Outdoor slab benchtop

4 responses · Oct 6, 2022 · by JOEL MONGEON
My wife and I picked out a live edge slab of walnut to be used as an outdoor bench. I …

Ecopoxy Flowcast

1 response · Dec 2, 2022 · by Brian Mitchell
Sorry I'm new at this. I did a 1/2" pour yesterday with Ecopoxy flow case wood on either side with …

Osmo Country Colour on Pressure Treated Wood

3 responses · Oct 2, 2022 · by Dominic Cheung
Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forum 😁 I'm planning to use Osmo Country Colour finish in …

Epifanes Varnish

5 responses · Nov 19, 2022 · by John M Bonn
African Mahogany slats for outdoor furniture Understand Epifane Varnish is the best for exterior protection Wish to bring out the …

EmTech HSF5000 roller application

2 responses · Nov 13, 2022 · by Tea C
I'm currently using a 10mm roller and getting pretty spotty fill. It wants to pick back up onto the roller …

Uneven Osmo Polyx

3 responses · Nov 3, 2022 · by Mitchell H
I'm currently finishing a curly maple desk with Osmo 3043 and getting very strange results. I've used osmo many times …

Osmo over Hemp Oil?

19 responses · Jan 29, 2022 · by Alex G
Hi there, My partner has been refinishing our floor. Last year she had sanded down our Doug Fir floors (I …

EmTech and Window Sill

2 responses · Oct 22, 2022 · by Tea C
I'm looking to paint deep window sills that will have flower pots/cork mats on it. I'm leaning towards brushed/rollered EmTech …

Pareo zero

3 responses · Oct 10, 2022 · by brenda calder
I used pareo zero How do I clean deck to get back the original look It is dull

Type of Rubio color on walnut

5 responses · Sep 19, 2022 · by SAM CHAN
Hi, I woud like to apply some Rubio monocoat to the front walnut drawer faces (1 on the left, and …

Peel Away 1 resulting in unwanted finish

16 responses · Jul 31, 2022 · by Alex G
We’ve used a can of Peel Away 1 to varying degrees of success. We found that we had over a …


3 responses · Sep 2, 2022 · by Colette
We extended our deck this summer, using pressure treated wood. I was told boiled linseed oil was the best product …

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