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Finishing exotic hardwoods containing natural oils

3 responses · Jan 6, 2019 · by cameron bowes
I am finishing some wood boxes made from Padauk wood. I also use other woods like Purplehart which are oily. …

Shupping to US

1 response · Jan 4, 2019 · by Carlos
Hi, can you shipping the Bitumen of Judea to Austin, TX?

Filling gaps between floor board

1 response · Dec 17, 2018 · by BobbyD
I am refinishing some old tongue and groove pine floors. Would you recommend your Timbermate product to fill gaps between …

pawlonia outdoors finishes

1 response · Oct 4, 2018 · by Todd
I am seeking a clear finish for a bench made of 3" slabs of pawlonia. I'd like to keep the …

Shellac mixture for HVLP

3 responses · Oct 3, 2018 · by Shawn Schneider
Is there any solid advice I can get about the proper mixing ratio to spray a smooth even sheen on …

Baltic Birch Drawer Finish

1 response · Sep 17, 2018 · by Ingrid Schneider
My husband is building us a bathroom vanity and is using Baltic birch for the drawers. What would be the …

Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors

1 response · Aug 13, 2018 · by -
Hi there! We have recently purchased a home which has Hardwax Oil Hardwood floors (the wood is Beechwood by Pollmeier) …


4 responses · Jul 11, 2018 · by Craig Salt
My staining project went horribly wrong... Saman lime green splotches all over an antique table. How do I proceed in …

Proper glaze to use with EM6500

2 responses · Jul 12, 2018 · by JoeM
Hi, I am new to the Target EM6500. I would like to finish a bed set with the EM6500 and …

Counter top with sink

3 responses · Jul 7, 2018 · by Christopher Edwards
I'm have a 1.5" solid/laminated maple countertop in a laundry room I'm finishing that will have a deep undermount sink …

Wax over Finico Tung Oil?

2 responses · Jun 24, 2018 · by Martin Macdonald
Can a beeswax be applied over the last coat of Tung oil? Can the beeswax be mixed with the tung …

solid body guitar finishing

12 responses · Apr 11, 2018 · by Gordon Steeves
Hi, I just came across your site while doing a search for Behlen products. I just received a great Swamp …

Email verification

1 response · Mar 27, 2018 · by Kevin
What is the process to get Email address verification?

Tung oil for trim and doors

3 responses · Mar 18, 2018 · by Brad Elford
Hello, I am finishing a new red pine floor with your Tung Oil. Should I use the same amount of …

Finishing a butcher block bakers table

1 réponse · 7 Mar 2018 · par D. K . Banks
I am trying to seal out & put a hard finish on a Maple butcher block table that was used …

Gel stains and Finishing oil

1 response · Mar 5, 2018 · by Patrick
Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read through and answer! What I want: I am restoring an existing …

oil for interior timber frame finish

1 response · Feb 21, 2018 · by Yanick
What is the best oil for timber frame post and beam finish? Is Porto Verde as good than Greenoil (Carve)


1 response · Jan 18, 2018 · by mike mcnerney
re. the target pigmented lacquer what is the diference between white pastel base & tinted

Linseed Oil

3 réponses · 10 Jan 2018 · par TTaylor
Can linseed oil be used as a wood sealer and preservative underneath oil based paint. In other words, can I …

Ash Guitar

1 response · Dec 14, 2017 · by Jon G
I'm looking to excentuate the grain of my ash guitar Do I apply a lacquer before using a dark filler …

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