EmTech 6500 over caulk

Tea C · Jan 21, 2023, 09:24

Working on interior trim, and I was wondering if anyone has experience using EmTech 6500 (tinted lacquer) over a elastomeric caulk like Dynaflex 230? I assume order of operations is BIN, caulk, HSF5000, EmTech 6500? Thanks.

Marilyn · Technical Support · Jan 23, 2023, 10:17


There is no issues using the Emtech products with the Dynaflex 230.

You should do the caulking first then BIN, HSF5000 and finish with the EM6500

Kind Regards,

Tea C · Jan 23, 2023, 12:30

Thank you. I'll give it a go on a test piece. Cheers.


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