Vacuum chamber and Eco Poxy Clear coating Epoxy

Brian Mitchell · Jan 17, 2023, 11:17

Hi my name is Brian Mitchell I buy my Eco Poxy from your Company.
Can you please tell me is it okay to use a Vacuum chamber to get a lot of little white bubbles out of my Eco Poxy clear coating epoxy. I have used heat gun after the pour and I do not see any little bubbles even after about 45 min. of watching for them. But the next day I can see many tiny popped bubbles that have left divots in the finish. when I sand the board they all go white. I clean the board with alcohol but there still there. So can I use a Vacuum chamber and get those bubbles
out of the epoxy right after I mix it.

Marilyn · Technical Support · Jan 17, 2023, 11:36


It would be best to contact Ecopoxy Canada directly for this technical question.

Ecopoxy canada 1-855-326-7699 or at

Kind Regards,


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