Staining and Finishing Staircase

Kendyl Bassindale · Feb 9, 2021, 17:45

Hi, I am about to finish a new pine staircase. So I will initially be appying a conditioner to the stairs before staining. The owners want to use a specific Minwax Polyshade for the stain colour. Then I will be applying one coat of this to get the colour that they are looking for. In another forum I read that you recommended the Vermeister Aqua Play 1 product for stairs as a protector and sealant. My question is: Can I apply the Vermeitster Aqua Play 1 product as a topcoat protector and sealant over the Minwax Polyshade coat?

Thank you.


Marilyn · Technical Support · Feb 10, 2021, 16:25


Unfortunately we do not know if the Minwax is compatible with Vermeister Aqua Play 1.

We have not tested.


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