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Fusion Decoupage & Transfer Gel is very easy to use, non-toxic, and highly durable. It allows for the creation of beautiful decoupage or image transfers onto virtually any surface. This two-in-one product is easy to use and allows for some beautiful effects.

You can transfer images onto fabric, wood, clay pots, and other surfaces. Decoupage onto any paintable surface using napkins, decoupage paper, wallpaper.

  • Coverage of approx. 35 sq. ft. per 250ml bottle
  • Matte finish
  • Can be applied to fabric, metal, glass, wooden or painted surfaces, non-oil, no-wax surfaces
  • Can be painted over, and can be used over painted surfaces as well
  • Can be used for image transfer as well as decoupage and to seal a project

Directions for use

General Use

  1. Apply gel onto surface and place your print smoothly face down.
  2. Wait 24 hours, then wet the print and remove the remaining paper pulp.

Image Transfer

Be sure to use a laser printer, as ink jet printers will not work well. Be sure to print your image backwards. To transfer an image, simply apply the Decoupage and Transfer Gel to the surface and place your print face down. Apply pressure with a putty knife or credit card to ensure contact and remove any bubbles. After 24 hours or so, you can wet the back and start rubbing away the paper pulp.

You can add wax or another layer of the Decoupage and Transfer gel for protection.


Using the Decoupage Gel, apply it to the surface and or the back of the image or tissue/decoupage paper and stick in place. You can apply cling wrap over the image to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.

Once dry, you can add another coat of the Decoupage and Transfer gel to seal and as protection or any of the other Fusion finishes.


For Decoupage 2-6 hours for dry time and 21 days for cure time.

For Transfers - you will want to wait a minimum of 12-24 hours before wetting the paper and trying to complete the transfer.

How do I decoupage?

To decoupage, you want to essentially “glue” your material to your surface. You can apply the Gel onto the surface and place your material. Smooth it out or scrunch it up how you like it, and then for extra adhesion you can add another coat of Gel on top.

How do I transfer a photo?

For photo transfer, you need to make sure you use a laser printer. A lot of times you’ll also want to reverse your photo before you print it, as it will apply backwards. Next, apply a bit of Gel to the front of the photo and to the surface you are transferring onto.


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Classification Wood Paints
Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
  • 60ml
  • 250ml
Sold Since November 10, 2022
Drying Time

2 to 6 hours for Decoupage
12 to 24 hours for Transfers
Cures completely in 21 days


35 sq.ft. per 250ml bottle


Ontario, Canada


Mild characteristic odour


Clear Gel


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Do not freeze. Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F).

Fusion has tested all their products to ensure a freeze/thaw stability and they certify that freezing does not affect the PH balance nor the integrity of the products. Fusion products can freeze and thaw up to three times without any risk.

Tools cleaning






Recommended Surfaces

Fabric, metal, painted surfaces, wooden surfaces, glass, non-oil, non-wax surfaces

Application Method


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