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Fusion's non-yellowing water-based Tough Coat comes in 2 sheens, matte and gloss. It is perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as tabletops. Easy to apply using a sponge for a smooth application, adding extra durability and increased sheen to your painted pieces.

The matte version leaves a flat matte finish, the gloss version has a high sheen glossy look.

Non-yellowing, perfect for keeping your white paint colours purely white. Dries quickly and can be painted over to create a "Tough Coat Sandwich"

  • 500 ml covers about 75 sq.ft. (7 square meters)
  • Tough Coat can be used over Fusion Mineral Paint, and can also be coated with it.
  • Designed for interior use.
  • Do not use over medium to darker colours as it will show streaks.Should streak occur, simply apply paint over the top coat.

Directions for use

  1. Stir well & wipe onto surface with a damp sponge
  2. For maximum durability, apply two coats, waiting 2-4 hours between applications


120ml · Gloss $7.99 In stock
120ml · Matt $7.99 In stock
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500ml · Matt $27.99 In stock


Classification Wood Varnishes
Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
  • 120ml
  • 500ml
Sold Since November 10, 2022
Drying Time

30 minutes to 1 hour to touch
Time before re-coat: 1-2 hours
Complete cure: 14-30 days


75 sq.ft. per 500 ml jar


<0.005 g/L


Ontario, Canada


Mild characteristic odour


Clear Liquid


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Do not freeze. Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F).

Fusion has tested all their products to ensure a freeze/thaw stability and they certify that freezing does not affect the PH balance nor the integrity of the products. Fusion products can freeze and thaw up to three times without any risk.

Tools cleaning



Matte or Gloss


Applicator Sponge


25-50 poise



Recommended Surfaces

All water-based finishes, paints

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