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Get a deeply defined, aged, cracked paint look using Fusion Crackled Texture. Simply pour onto a horizontal surface, let dry then paint over top. Crackled Texture is made of the same high-quality ingredients as Fusion Mineral Paint and will stick to anything Fusion does.

For larger, thicker cracks, pour a thick layer of Crackled Texture. For smaller details, brush the product into a thin layer, however, too much brushing will eliminate cracks from appearing. This base layer creates depth with a crackled look. Great for creating an instant-aged aesthetic.

Fusion Crackled Texture is white but can be painted over after it dries.

  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Does not need to be painted over
  • Does not need a top coat
  • Can be painted over with Fusion Paint, and can be used over Fusion Paint as well.

Directions for use


Clean surface ready for paint


  1. Stir well before using.
  2. Apply an even layer onto a horizontal surface using a spreading tool. The product is self-leveling. Thicker applications will result in larger, more defined cracking. Spreading thinly will result in smaller cracking. DO NOT MIX PAINT with this product or no cracking will occur.
  3. Tap to settle air bubbles.
  4. Wait 6-12 hours, then paint over the dried Crackled Texture with the colour of your choice.


Classification Wood Paints
Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
Size 250ml
Sold Since November 10, 2022
UPC 626309311335
Drying Time

Re-coat time: 1-8 hours depending on thickness applied


25 square feet


Ontario, Canada


Mild Characteristic odour


White Liquid


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Do not freeze. Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F).

Fusion has tested all their products to ensure a freeze/thaw stability and they certify that freezing does not affect the PH balance nor the integrity of the products. Fusion products can freeze and thaw up to three times without any risk.

Tools cleaning



Poured over surface, trowel or spatula to even and smooth


<100 poise



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