Siavlies Non-Woven Disc by SIA Abrasives

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Sia Siavlies Non-Woven discs are perfect for applying and polishing furniture and floor oils. Siavlies discs make it easy to polish large surfaces.

They can be installed on a 5 or 6 inch orbital sander with a Siavlies disc adapter. These discs are not equipped with Velcro velvet.

Siavlies discs can be used on both sides, which promotes better use of the disc.


10 units · 5" - White (Non Abrasive) $12.95 In stock
10 units · 6" - White (Non Abrasive) $12.95 In stock


Classification Sanding & Polishing / Abrasives
Brand SIA Abrasives
Size 10 units
Sold Since August 3, 2018

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