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Famowood Latex Wood Filler is a product designed to mask small or large defects, cracks and holes on wood that is inside or outside. This latex based product has a very low odor and can be cleaned up with water.

Famowood Wood Filler takes stains and paints evenly, making it ideal for any custom project. This product acts like real wood: it can be sawed, drilled, planed and nailed.

Famowood Latex Wood Filler spreads evenly into cracks and holes without shrinking, crumbling or cracking. In addition, the product requires very little sanding to achieve a desired finished look.

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Directions for Use

  1. For best adhesion, cracks or defects should be clean and dry.
  2. Do not apply the product at temperatures below 4 °C.
  3. Press Famowood firmly into defect by hand or putty knife.
  4. A thin film will dry within minutes. Lower temperatures require longer drying periods.
    For deep repairs, allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying an additional coat.
  5. When dry (approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions), use a dust mask and sand flush to surrounding surfaces.
  6. Surfaces may be painted, varnished, lacquered, waxed, or shellacked, after Famowood application. Although Famowood is usually compatible with most water and oil based stains, it is important to perform a compatibility test before proceeding to stain the repaired surface with Famowood.
  7. Famowood can be drilled, nailed, planed, or sawed like ordinary wood.
  8. Clean tools, while still wet, with water or soap and water. If product has dried on tools, use chlorinated solvent or steam.
  9. Close container tightly after each use.


144 g · Birch
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144 g · Cherry / Dark Mahogany
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Fir / Maple
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Golden Oak
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Natural
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Oak
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Red Oak
$5.95 In stock
144 g · Walnut
$5.95 In stock
144 g · White
$5.95 In stock
144 g · White Pine
$5.95 In stock
576 g · Fir / Maple
$10.95 In stock
576 g · Golden Oak
$10.95 In stock
576 g · Natural
$10.95 In stock
5 kg · Fir / Maple
$64.95 In stock
5 kg · Golden Oak
$64.95 In stock
5 kg · Natural
$64.95 In stock


Classification Wood Restoration
Brand Famowood
  • 144 g
  • 576 g
  • 5 kg
Sold Since June 25, 2021



Mild, characteristic odour


Store between 45 and 85 °F (7 and 29 °C)

Shelf Life

1 year


82% +/- 2.0% (by weight)

Freeze/thaw stability

Freeze/thaw stability: It is recommended to keep the product from freezing whenever possible. If the product should freeze, it is stable and re-workable up to three freeze cycles. Allow product to warm to room temperature and stir or knead completely before using.

Application Temperature

40 to 90 °F (4 to 32 °C)

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Very happy

Kimberly Sigurnjak · Jun 27, 2024

Was surprised to see how fast this product was shipped to me. I love this famowood woodfiller. Its easy to use, sandable leaves a smooth finish. Thank you Ardec my next few homeowners are going to be very happy with their trim finish!!

Great product

Troy Davidson · Dec 1, 2023

Was able to fill all my nail holes and imperfections on my household baseboards and trim in 1 coat. Lid is a tad hard to open at first but a great product! Never shrunk and was easily painted!

Good filler

Marc-Andre Petit · Aug 4, 2021

Good filler, easy to apply and the consistency is perfect. It shrink a little after drying which mean you should not scrape perfectly flat when applying or put a second coat (if you can afford the time). Overfill a little and sand flush when dry. No smell like plastic wood.

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