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PC-Woody® is a two part epoxy paste that is excellent for filling cavities in wood. PC-Woody allows you to make permanent repairs without shrinking, cracking or popping out of exterior wood. PC-Woody can be sanded, drilled, nailed, primed, painted or stained. PC-Woody has an easy 1:1 mix ratio.

PC-Woody can be used to repair deck joist, log structures, columns, beams, decorative trims, and hundred more.

  • Fill rotted or missing wood
  • Exterior or interior use
  • Permanent repair
  • Stronger than wood
  • Natural wood color
  • Non-solvent

Staining PC-Woody is possible but results will vary depending on the stain. Lighter color stains are ineffective. Use stains containing greater pigment. Stains that contain only dye will produce disappointing results. Tinting the paste with colorant or dry pigments is effective. Solid stains, Stain Markers and paint will solve most problems.

Directions of use

Surface preparation

Remove loose paint, wood fibers and debris with stiff brush, sandpaper or scraper. Remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil and grime with a solvent such as denatured alcohol (ethanol), acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner. Wood that has been damaged by rot, termites or carpenter ants should be treated with a wood hardener such as PC-Petrifier® or PC-Rot Terminator®.

How to measure PC-Woody Part A and B

In cold or cool temperatures, place PC-Woody containers near heat prior to using. Like peanut butter, PC-Woody mixes and spreads easier at higher temperatures.

Cut a piece of cardboard, plywood or paneling large enough to spread the two parts together. The greater the quantities of A and B, the larger the area needed. Using a flat surface instead of a cup or container is important to avoid heat buildup and reaction acceleration. PC-WOODY® that is spread out will have longer worktime or application time than in a container.

Measuring very small quantities is more difficult than measuring larger quantities. Be aware that imprecise measurement of very small quantities can lead to deviations of 25%, 50% or 100% from the ideal 1:1 ratio. Off-ratio measurement is the main cause of soft cured PC-WOODY®.

Use separate tongue depressor sticks to extract parts A and B from each container. Avoid cross contaminating containers. Do not measure more than you can apply within the worktime (about 30 minutes at room temperature).

Place a scoop of the white paste (resin part A) on the board and make a rounded mound by swirling it until it is circular in shape like half a golf ball or tennis ball. Alongside without touching, place a scoop of brown paste (hardener B) and make a rounded mound of the equivalent circumference.

Examine and compare the height of each mound. Add or take away from the brown paste to reach an equivalent height to the white mound. If the white paste’s circumference and height is equivalent to the brown then it is 1:1 by volume. 5% to 10% more part A than part B is within the optimum range.

Note: Adding more than one equivalent volume of brown paste (hardener part B) does not make the mixed product cure faster or harder and can cause the opposite effect.

If measured by weight, the ratio is 1.06 parts A to 1.00 parts B.

Mixing PC-Woody

Don’t mix in a cup or container:

  • It is easier to visually measure equal volumes of part A and B on a flat surface.
  • Mixing in a container can make PC-WOODY® get hot. Spread it out over a flat area to dissipate the heat better. Heat reduces the working time.
  • Mixing on a flat surface ensures 100% fully mixed part A and B. Containers are more difficult to completely mix. It is likely that there will remain unmixed or partially mixed A or B at its bottom along the edge.
  • Mechanical mixing with a drill in a container adds energy to the mix raising the temperature and reducing the worktime.

Mix PC-WOODY® part A and B with a plastic or steel 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” wide stiff putty knife with a flat edge. Spread A and B together over the flat surface using swirling and back and forth motions.

Lift part A and B off the surface using the flat edge of the putty knife to completely remove A and B from the flat mix board. Once again spread and lift from the surface. Repeat until fully mixed.

Fully mixed PC-WOODY® has a light brown or tan appearance without any streaks of white or brown. Spread the mix on the mix board to a thickness of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. A small quantity takes about 1 minute to mix. A larger quantity may take up to 2 minutes. Use denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol, acetone or lacquer thinner to clean putty knife and mix board (plywood or panel).


Apply PC-Woody® to a dry, clean surface removing all dry rot, dirt, saw dust or loose paint. Where rotted wood is present, remove or encapsulate with PC-Petrifier® Wood Hardener or Rot-Terminator® epoxy consolidant before applying PC-Woody®.

To bridge or reinforce larger holes, screen wire or wood blocks may be used. After cure, stain, paint, drill, machine, sand, file or saw.


Do not subject to sustained heat in excess of 200°F (93°C). PC-Woody® must be thoroughly cured and properly sanded before staining. Sanding can usually take place in 1 to 2 days. Premature sanding will gum up sandpaper. Always sand with wood grain. Use medium or coarse sandpaper to achieve best staining results.

Pilot holes will be helpful to set nails and screws. A premium stain sealing primer is recommended before painting over the hardened epoxy. Cured epoxy can be worked and tooled like real wood.

PC-Woody® demonstrates excellent resistance to all weather
elements, mildew, dry rot, UV light, fresh and salt water along
with chemicals present in pressure treated wood.

Clean-up after application

Clean up mixed epoxy before it cures with paper towels and solvent. Denatured alcohol (ethanol), acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner are suitable solvents for removing uncured epoxy. It can also be removed with paint stripper or remover.


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Classification Epoxy Resins for Wood
Wood Restoration
Brand Protective Coatings
  • 171 g (6 oz)
  • 340 g (12 oz)
  • 1.3 kg (48 oz)
  • 2.7 kg (96 oz)
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Drying Time

Working Time: 30-40 min. max.
Tack free cure time: 90 min.
Cure for service: overnight
Maximum cure: 1 week


Depends on thickness - See table


0 g per litre




Component A: Off White
Component B: Light Brown
Mix: Pine or Tan

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