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Use WoodEpox indoors and outdoors to easily and permanently replace missing wood on window frames and sills, doors. columns, furniture, sculptures, and structural and decorative elements.

WoodEpox is a shrink-free epoxy wood filler that replaces, repairs, extends, and fills wood and most rigid materials. It permanently bonds to most surfaces. It is chemical, water, heat, and weather resistant, and dimensionally stable.

WoodEpox has a no-slump consistency and can be used in any thickness or shape for structural and decorative restoration.

WoodEpox works so well because, like wood, it can be: painted, stained, drilled, carved, sawed, nailed, planed, sanded, routed, and machined.

  • Replaces rotted wood or missing wood
  • Fills cracks
  • Shrink-free
  • Use outdoor or indoor

The Wood Restoration Kit including LiquidWood and WoodEpox is also available.

Directions for Use

Important: The practical application temperatures are above 50°F (10 °C). The preferred temperature range is 60-90°F (16 à 32 °C).

  1. Apply to clean and dry surface after removing contaminants, oil, grease,
    wax, old paint and debris.
  2. Mix a volume of LiquidWood A with an equal volume of LiquidWood B for at least one minute with blade or paddle.
  3. Apply LiquidWood mix to deteriorated wood by brushing, pouring or injecting.
  4. For deeper penetration into wood, drill small holes through side grain and across end grain, and pour LiquidWood into holes. Repeat process until wood is saturated.
  5. Mix thoroughly a volume of WoodEpox A with an equal volume of WoodEpox B.
  6. Apply WoodEpox to wood primed with LiquidWood while LiquidWood is still "tacky" to fill cracks, holes and replace missing wood.
  7. Sand, plane, shape, paint and stain restored wood as desired.

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354 ml (2 x 177 ml)
$33.18 In stock
1.9 L (2 x 946 ml)
$106.27 In stock
7.58 L (2 x 3.79 L)
$265.34 In stock


Classification Epoxy Resins for Wood
Wood Restoration
Brand Abatron
  • 354 ml (2 x 177 ml)
  • 1.9 L (2 x 946 ml)
  • 7.58 L (2 x 3.79 L)
Sold Since April 2, 2020

66 in³ per liter (231 in³ per gallon)


0 g / L



  • Unopened shelf life: 1 year - Almost Indefinitely
  • Opened with the lid put on each time: 1 year - Indefinite : If the product seems dried out it is possible to warm it, which will improve the texture and usability. You can warm WoodEpox by placing the capped unit in warm water until it softens. Test a small mixture prior to use.
  • Opened with no lid: There is no set shelf life.

Store in a warm area in containers with tight-fitting lids.

There are a few factors that greatly affect the shelf life once WoodEpox has been opened. These factors are: moisture, temperature and if it has been frozen. As moisture is added (via air, water, etc.) to WoodEpox it shortens its shelf life. If the product has been frozen it greatly shortens its shelf life.



Pot Life

20 minutes

Application Temperature

The practical application temperatures are above 50°F (10 °C). The preferred temperature range is 60-90°F (16 à 32 °C).


Can Abatron's WoodEpox product be colored using Mixol tints?

WoodEpox can easily be colored with Mixol dyes and tinting pastes and also with Abatron's pigments.

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Pallavi Patel · Aug 1, 2021


Perfect for strong, stainable repairs

David MacKinnon · Aug 8, 2020

Oak stair treads and risers were damaged when carpet runner was removed. This product worked great. Was only able to mix and apply about 3 tablespoons of each part in the 20 minutes work time. Putty like constancy was a little hard to apply and had to be worked hard to fill holes and stay in place. Putty holds well on horizontal and verticals surfaces. Once in place and set, it bonded well. Do wish I had also gotten some Liquid Wood to prime some of the bigger patches and for mixing with putty to make it flow a little easier. Patches set hard but sanded easily and took paint and stain well. On stained surfaces, I coloured patches with repair sticks after to match. Clean off or sand any residue oils around patch or those areas will take stain differently than patch and natural wood.

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