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Denatured Alcohol is a 95 % volume of alcohol composed of 85% ethanol and 15% methanol. Denatured Alcohol is used in wood finishing for the dilution of resins, shellac, alcohol based stains and varnishes. Denatured Alcohol can also be used for the cleaning of paintbrush and other accessories.


Classification Thinners & Solvents
Brand Finico
Size 1 L
Sold Since April 25, 2007
UPC 684163003346

Ethanol (85%), Methanol (15%)


792 g / L




Keep in a hermetic container.

Shelf Life




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Rick Halverson · Dec 24, 2023

it's the best

Great product

Louis Ranellucci · Aug 13, 2022

Works great for cleaning wood before spraying

This is the stuff

Tom Wainright · Aug 17, 2021

Just like the label says! Quickly shipped too!

Good product!

brian laplante · Apr 21, 2021

Thanks so much Good ethanol is very difficult to find these days. You have Great products and unbelievably fast and good service. I highly recommend this company.
brian j laplante guitar maker


REZA FARHADINIA · Jan 18, 2021

Great quality and Very Fast shipping plus reasonable price
Thank you

Ardec - place to buy Denatured Alcohol

Mary Kairys · Jan 7, 2021

Works for the purpose.

Dominik Plouffe

Great price

Dominik Plouffe · Nov 30, 2020

Cleaning, desolving, thinning!

Works fast and does not smell bad at all.

Thomas Hart · Oct 12, 2020

Thanks Ardec for carrying this product. This is not available in my city or for that matter and place in Canada other than your facilities. Ever since Covid hit many of my friends who travel to the states to purchase this product have struggled to find it anywhere in Canada. I have passed on you company and it’s excellent service to all my friends. Even after covid I plan on using Ardec as my sole finishing provider. You cannot put a price on excellent service.

Robert Naud

Stuff is gold

Robert Naud · Oct 6, 2020

So happy to have found this company denatured alcohol is so hard to find. The best part is the company is Canadian.🇨🇦

Service is incredible! Product as described

Doug McLean · May 6, 2020

Love the speed of service and quality products!

fast delivery

GEORGE LAI · Jan 31, 2020

very fast delivery , good products

For staining

Wayne Redditt · Jan 9, 2018

Works as it should.


Alan Legary · Jan 2, 2018

reasonable price and quick shipping

Denatured Alcohol

Brent Middleton · Aug 25, 2017

My first time ordering from Ardec.....a few hours after placing the order, it was already being shipped. Ordered 5 gal of denatured alcohol and it arrived amazingly fast! I will be back to order in the future. Thanks

Denatured Alcohol

william clarke · Apr 2, 2015

I live in Ontario and for some reason it is difficult to source Denatured Alcohol locally. I had to resort to the internet to find a supplier, regretfully nothing locally and those that would ship had horrendous shipping charges. So it was a pleasant surprise when I found Artdec with realistic prices for the Denatured Alcohol and shipping charges. I got what I wanted, prompt shipping & good pricing.

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