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Dewaxed Platina Shellac enhances pale and amber woods and is used as an ingredient to replicate ancient varnishes recipes made to restore antique furniture.

Also known as Ultra Blonde Shellac, Dewaxed Platina Shellac is also used to finish curly, quilted and figured woods, such as maple, white oak, and ash. Colorless, it is mainly used as a transparent coat, and is very appreciated by luthiers, who use it on spruce.

Platina Shellac is an animal resin which must be dissolved in alcohol.


1/2 lb (227 g)
$23.95 In stock
1 lb (454 g)
$38.95 In stock
5 lbs (2.27 kg)
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Classification Shellacs
Brand Ardec
  • 1/2 lb (227 g)
  • 1 lb (454 g)
  • 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
Sold Since March 14, 2014





Yellowish translucent Chips/Flakes


Store in a sealed container away from cold and light sources.

Tools cleaning

Clean tools with alcohol to remove most of the shellac. Complete cleaning with soapy water.

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good product BUT...

Philippe Gratton · Feb 22, 2022

this is ***not** dewaxed shellac. Or, at least, it is not completely dewaxed. Just see the pictures bellow. Now, I haven't tried other brands, I am a newbie, but I can tell you 100% sure that there **was** a waxy deposit at the bottom of my bottle after it had remained untouched for a few days. And yes, my flakes had been very totally dissolved. This being said, that wax was easily removed: after having left the disolved solution sit for a few days, I just pumped to top portion out, going as close as I dared to the waxy deposit (I used a big 300ml serynge found on Amazon) The whole process made me loose about 100ml of solution, 'cause I chose to remain on the safe side and I wanted to make sure I would not pump any wax. Now, considering that this product is still about half the price of the other popular "high quality dewaxed shellac" available (sold at LV), loosing about 10% was totally fine with me. It is still an absolute good deal, price wise. Adding the alcool to the proper flake amount had given me about 1100ml of 1-pound cut shellac. Once the wax-free portion had been pumped out, I still had about 1000ml of shellac, wich fit perfectly into a standard 32onces Nalgene bottle (these bottles are popular among the outdoor folks; it's made of totally non-reactive plastic, it's unbreakable and perfectly airtight) So, all this to say that I will certainly buy this product again, but people should know this is ***not*** (at least "not completely") dewaxed shellac. You can see on the picture the wax deposit that was at the bottom of the Nalgene bottle before and after my easy "wax removal procedure". The only negative part is that if you do need your shellac to be dewaxed, you can't get it right away. It takes a few days for the wax to deposit itself at the bottom of you bottle.


REZA FARHADINIA · Jan 18, 2021

Great quality and Very Fast shipping plus reasonable price
Thank you

Super Quality

Maxime Freniere · Apr 10, 2017

Dissolve easily, very light color...i like it.

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