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Finico double boiled Linseed Oil is an entirely natural oil designed for the interior finishing. Finico Linseed Oil provides to wood a satin finish resistant to water and alcohol.

Linseed Oil allows the wood grain to shine through while conferring a warm amber patina. Double boiled Linseed Oil is easy to apply.

Directions of use

Preparation : Sand evenly with 120 grit sandpaper and dust off the surface. Stir the content thoroughly. Dilute with 30% oil thinner.

Application : Apply a generous oil coat with a stain pad, a cotton rag or a stain applicator. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove any excessive oil by rubbing the surface with a cotton rag. For a smoother finish, sand lightly between each coat with 600 or 800 grit sandpaper.

Application tools : Stain pad, stain applicator, cotton rag, paintbrush

Number of coats : 3 coats

Drying time :
- First coat : 12 hours
- Other coats : 24 hours
- Utilization : 2 days
- First damp cleaning : 14 days

Concrete, slate, clay : Linseed oil can also be used to seal concrete, slate or clay. The application is the same as for wood. The number of coats required may vary depending on the porosity of the surface.

DANGER OF COMBUSTION Keep out of reach of children. Materials such as rags used with this product may begin to burn by themselves. After use, put rags in water or lay flat to dry, then discard.


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Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Brand Finico
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
  • 18.9 L
Sold Since April 24, 2007

Double-boiled pale linseed oil

Drying Time
  • First coat : 12 hours
  • Other coats : 24 hours
  • Utilization : 2 days
  • First damp cleaning : 14 days

120 to 230 sq ft / L


0 g / L




Interior structures and woodwork: 3 to 7 years
Floors: 1 to 3 years
Paneling: 1 to 5 years
Furniture: 1 to 3 years


Oil Thinner


Light odor


Viscous liquid slightly amber


Keep in an hermetic container at room temperature.

Shelf Life

5 years

Tools cleaning

Oil thinner


Compatible with most milk paints, chalk paints, mineral paints, stains and varnishes.

It’s strongly recommended reading carefully the technical sheet of the product and making prior test to ensure the propriety and compatibility of the products.


Why should you avoid linseed and tung oil without pigmentation for outdoor application?

Linseed oil, as well as Tung oil, are not suitable for outdoor use if they have not been pre-tinted. These products do not possess the necessary resistance to withstand outdoor conditions, particularly UV rays.

Therefore, any oil intended for outdoor use must contain a minimum of 15% pigment by volume. It is the pigments that effectively protect against UV rays, which tend to gray the wood over time.

However, the pigment dosage must be sufficient because it is not possible to apply two coats of this colored oil: the two subsequent coats must be clear linseed oil.

For an optimal finish, the first coat should be diluted with Citrus Solvent to promote more effective absorption. It is also important to perform a test beforehand to validate the color obtained during tinting, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, periodic maintenance is necessary: applying clear oil every 2 to 3 years will be essential to preserve the durability and appearance of your surface.

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