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Osmo Superpads are pads used for the application and cleaning of oiled surfaces.
All Osmo Superpads can be used with Osmo hand pad holder

  • White pad is used for the application
  • Red pad is used for cleaning
  • Green pad is used to remove hard wax


Directions for use

  • White: Application of finishes, Polyx-Oil, Polyx-Oil pure
  • Red: Cleaning / Care with Wax Cleaner
  • Green: Remove hard wax on the wood surface with Intensive Cleaner.


1 pad · Green $4.50 In stock
1 pad · Red $4.50 In stock
1 pad · White $4.50 In stock


Classification Accessories / Applicators
Brand Osmo
Size 1 pad
Sold Since March 27, 2018

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Guest URWXJ · May 6, 2019

Have not used all of them so 4 stars based on only using one of them


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