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JEN Foam Brushes are great value, durable disposable foam brushes that are great for quick projects and touch-ups. The wooden handle is easy to handle. The Jen Foam Brush creates a smooth finish on all surfaces. Available in 4 sizes and made from dense foam that resists tearing and cracking. Designed to be disposable but can easily be rinsed and cleaned for subsequent use.

Can be used with paint, stains, varnishes, but do not use with lacquer or shellac.

  • Durable scissor-toe foam
  • Excellent rigidity, the foam will not soften
  • High density foam with wooden handle
  • Fine tip for smooth results
  • Available individually or in boxes.

How to achieve a high-quality finish using a Foam brush?

To achieve a beautiful finish with a sponge brush, it's important to invest in a high-quality tool. The quality of sponge brushes can vary significantly, so it's crucial to select a durable brush that can withstand multiple cleanings without deteriorating.

A good sponge brush should also have a high absorption capacity, allowing you to apply varnishes and other finishing products with precision and efficiency. By choosing a sponge brush that meets these criteria, you can achieve a high-quality finish with ease.


1 unit · 1" $1.15 In stock
1 unit · 2" $1.45 In stock
1 unit · 3" $1.65 In stock
1 unit · 4" $2.15 In stock
Box of 24 · 4" $24.95 In stock
Box of 36 · 3" $28.95 In stock
Box of 48 · 1" $22.95 In stock
Box of 48 · 2" $28.95 In stock


Classification Accessories / Paintbrushes
  • 1 unit
  • Box of 24
  • Box of 36
  • Box of 48
Sold Since October 14, 2019

United States


For all Paints, Stains and Adhesives.
Not to be used in Lacquer or Shellac

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Poly Foam Jen Brush

John McElroy · Aug 29, 2023

Been using these for years in my cabinet business but lately unable to buy locally. Found them on line from Ardec, very satisfied...

Good Quality

Todd Hollett · Oct 18, 2021

These foam brushes do not fall apart like the cheaper ones you buy in bulk from the big box stores.

Poly Foam Brush

Jerry Lyons · Dec 5, 2020

great quality at a great price

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