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Quickly and easily eliminate scratches, nicks or abrasions on wood furniture, picture frames, plastics and paneling with Fil-Stik® semi-hard filler putty sticks.

No heat or special tools required. Just simply rub the wax stick in damaged areas to fill and scrape remaining product off using a credit card to leave an even, leveled surface.

Works well on most wooden surfaces in low traffic areas. Can be protected with Tone Finish aerosols or other top coatings.


Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for Use

Surface should be clean and dry. Rub Fil-Stik™ into void and wipe off excess using a cloth, plastic leveling card or spatula.

May be protected with Tone Finish® aerosols or other coatings to protect and improve durability.


Almond/Interior Putty
SKU: M230-0401
$4.25 In stock
Antique White
SKU: M230-0412
$4.25 In stock
Beige Tone
SKU: M230-0303
$4.25 In stock
Black/Java/Black SWP
SKU: M230-0224
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0222
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0402
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0408
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0104
$4.25 Out of stock
Crystal Fog
SKU: M230-0055
$4.25 In stock
Dark Walnut
SKU: M230-0358
$4.25 In stock
Deep Mahogany
SKU: M230-0115
$4.25 In stock
Extra Dark Walnut
SKU: M230-0209
$4.25 In stock
Fashion Gray
SKU: M230-0047
$4.25 In stock
Fontana-New/Natural Alder Swp/Harvest
SKU: M230-0300
$4.25 In stock
Grey Maple
SKU: M230-0029
$4.25 In stock
Heritage Oak
SKU: M230-0333
$4.25 In stock
Light Fruitwood
SKU: M230-L404
$4.25 In stock
Light Nordic Oak
SKU: M230-0332
$4.25 In stock
Light Red Mahogany
SKU: M230-0218
$4.25 In stock
Light Walnut
SKU: M230-0206
$4.25 In stock
Lunar Gray Uc
SKU: M230-11860
$4.25 In stock
Medium Brown Walnut
SKU: M230-0207
$4.25 In stock
Medium Oak/Toffee
SKU: M230-2052
$4.25 In stock
Medium Rock Maple
SKU: M230-0237
$4.25 In stock
Modern Grey
SKU: M230-0122
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0110
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0100
$4.25 In stock
Natural Amber
SKU: M230-0101
$4.25 In stock
Natural Tone
SKU: M230-0102
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0411
$4.25 In stock
Off White
SKU: M230-0334
$4.25 In stock
Old World Mahogany
SKU: M230-9838
$4.25 In stock
Pebble Grey
SKU: M230-0113
$4.25 In stock
Pebble Grey Glaze
SKU: M230-0114
$4.25 In stock
Pickle Frost
SKU: M230-0331
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-1516
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0128
$4.25 In stock
Provincial White A7
SKU: M230-1506
$4.25 In stock
Rag and Bone UC
SKU: M230-11858
$4.25 In stock
Repose Grey
SKU: M230-0036
$4.25 In stock
Rustic Cherry
SKU: M230-9839
$4.25 In stock
SKU: M230-0233
$4.25 In stock
White S8
SKU: M230-0202
$4.25 In stock
Winter Pine
SKU: M230-0504
$4.25 In stock


Category Restoration
Brand Mohawk
Sold Since December 9, 2019


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