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A user friendly wipe on finish. Finish-Up™ Polyurethane can be applied over repairs such as Burn-Ins, Fil-Stik® Putty Stick fills, Blendal® Powders and Touch Up Markers to seal in the repair, leaving a durable protective finish.

Can be applied over properly cleaned existing finishes to improve appearance and durability. Finish-Up™ Polyurethane adheres well to most types of lacquers, vinyl clads, high pressure laminates as well as many other substrates.

Best of all, it is water based and has almost no odor. This feature makes Finish-Up™ Polyurethane the product of choice where aerosols and other solvent based touch up finishes are not appropriate.

  • Easy wipe on application
  • Quick drying
  • Good flow characteristics
  • Good durability
  • Moisture & alcohol resistant
  • Water clear
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low V0C
  • Will not lift other finishes
  • Nonflammable

Directions of Use


Surface should be clean, dry and wax free. Fine sand lightly. Shake well before using.


Finish-Up may be applied using a soft cloth or pre-dampened cellulose sponge. For small area touch-up, apply Finish-Up to the applicator material. Wipe damaged area in the direction of grain in three to four passes using a padding like motion. For larger area application, wet applicator generously and wipe with the grain. Repeated wiping will lead to a dulling effect. Recoat, if needed after one hour. Allow overnight drying. Clean up with warm tap wate


473 ml · Gloss
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473 ml · Mat
SKU: M603-4405
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473 ml · Satin
SKU: M603-4205
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946 ml · Gloss
SKU: M603-4106
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946 ml · Mat
SKU: M603-4406
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946 ml · Satin
SKU: M603-4206
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Category Lacquers
Brand Mohawk
  • 473 ml
  • 946 ml
Sold Since April 26, 2007
Drying Time

30 minutes


400 sq ft / L for an application on varnishes and lacquers.


305 g / L




Almost odorless


Cloudy liquid


Keep containers closed when not in use. Store in cool well ventilated space away from incompatible materials.


Varnishes, lacquers, paints


Gloss, matte, satin

Number of Coats

2 to 5 coats

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