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The Pro-Mark capillary marker features excellent flow. Whether you need to touch-up 1 inch or 20 feet, the Pro-Mark II marker does it the first time and every time.

The colors have excellent resistance to color fade, color shift from topcoating and will not bleed. The nib offers superior flow along with the durability needed to do all normal repair work. The nib remains usable for the life of the marker.

Marks equally well with the edge, the bottom or the tip. Good adhesion to most surfaces and resistance to polishes are built into the Pro-Mark marker.


  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Excellent flow. Will not skip even when used on porous materials.
  • Good adhesion to most surfaces and resistance to polishes.
  • Uniform color strength. Bleed resistant.
  • Nib remains usable for the life of the marker for normal applications.
  • Can be used at any angle, including upside down.
  • Highest rated lightfast dyes for complete clarity and color retention.


Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for Use

For scratches, stroke in direction of scratch. For worn areas, stroke in
direction of wood grain. Rub off excess colorant promptly with a soft cloth.


Antique Maple
SKU: M267-0194
$8.95 In stock
Black Brown
SKU: M267-0223
$8.95 In stock
Brown Paprika
SKU: M267-0484
$8.95 In stock
SKU: M267-0408
$8.95 In stock
SKU: M267-0388
$8.95 In stock
SKU: M267-0381
$8.95 In stock
Dark Red Mahogany
SKU: M267-0227
$8.95 In stock
Dark Red Walnut
SKU: M267-0363
$8.95 In stock
Deep Cordovan
SKU: M267-0385
$8.95 In stock
Extra Dark Walnut
SKU: M267-0209
$8.95 In stock
Golden Oak
SKU: M267-0337
$8.95 In stock
Honey Maple
SKU: M267-0063
$8.95 In stock
Light Natural Oak
SKU: M267-0321
$8.95 In stock
Light Oak
SKU: M267-0004
$8.95 In stock
SKU: M267-0387
$8.95 In stock
Maple Glaze
SKU: M267-0479
$8.95 In stock
Medium Dark Oak
SKU: M267-2052
$8.95 In stock
Medium Oak
SKU: M267-0355
$8.95 In stock
Medium Walnut/Brown Pecan
SKU: M267-0207
$8.95 In stock
Mocha Brown
SKU: M267-0418
$8.95 In stock
Natural Amber
SKU: M267-0081
$8.95 In stock
Natural Ash
SKU: M267-0003
$8.95 In stock
Natural Maple
SKU: M267-0477
$8.95 In stock
Old World Walnut
SKU: M267-0208
$8.95 In stock
Perfect Brown
SKU: M267-0249
$8.95 In stock
SKU: M267-1516
$8.95 In stock
Red Brown Mahogany
SKU: M267-0246
$8.95 In stock
Van Dyke Brown
SKU: M267-1478
$8.95 In stock
Warm Brown Walnut
SKU: M267-0094
$8.95 Out of stock
Warm Oak
SKU: M267-0474
$8.95 In stock


Category Restoration
Brand Mohawk
Sold Since December 9, 2019


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