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The Mohawk Classic Instrument Lacquer which replaces the H. Behlen Classic Instrument Lacquer remains a high-quality nitrocellulose lacquer specifically designed for wooden string instruments. This Classic Instrument Lacquer allows for the special expansion and contraction that can occur due to the unique construction of string instruments.

For best results, apply Classic Instrument Lacquer over Mohawk E-Z Vinyl® Sealer to insure maximum flexibility and build.

For Professional Use Only

Directions for use

  1. Mix well before using. Surface should be finish ready (properly sanded and clear of oil, dirt and dust). If applying over filled and stained wood see Behlen product labels for proper application.
  2. Apply one coat of E-Z Vinyl® Sealer.
  3. Allow to dry 1 hour and scuff sand to 320 or 360 grit smoothness. Clean surface of dust.
  4. Apply a wet uniform coat of Stringed Instrument Lacquer at ready to use strength.
  5. Allow at least one hour dry time. Scuff sand to 360 grit. Clean surface of dust.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 building up to five coats of finish.
  7. Allow to air dry 24 to 48 hours. Wet sand with 400 w/d paper and Mineral Spirits.
  8. Allow to dry at least one hour. Apply final coat at a 1-to-1 mixing ratio of Finish and Lacquer Reducer 2255 Mohawk or lacquer thinner.
  9. Allow to air dry 48 to 72 hours prior to final rubbing.


946 ml
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Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Mohawk
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
Sold Since November 15, 2017

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Wayne Redditt · Jan 9, 2018

Good lacquer. Definitely on the "amber" side of the colour spectrum.

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