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Fuji Spray's Mini-Mite 3 employs a robust 3-stage Turbine Motor installed in a strong Metal Turbine powder coated case. The Mini-Mite 3 is a real favorite among cabinet makers and professionals. It is a professional standard 3-stage system, and develops 6.5 psi, which is more than enough pressure to spray all known coatings (if properly thinned), and any newer water-based coatings.

This system contains:

Heat Dissipation Chamber™

Fuji Spray® has designed a unique method of removing any heat build up from the turbine case. Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation ChamberTM located at the rear of the case.

Since the hot air is dissipated evenly through an optimum surface area of 60 holes, there is no added hiss or loud whistling noise. There is also no blowing around of debris.

The benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for your turbine motor compared to standard turbines.

Noise Reduction Covers™

The Mini-Mite™ PLATINUM Turbines are equipped with a method to reduce noise. The Noise Reduction Covers™ house the Filters. Ambient air is entrained only from the rear effectively removing any Direct Sound Paths. Air is drawn in through a large Rear Aperture and through specially designed ‘Finger Slots’ for optimum performance.

Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™

This control allows the operator to switch from a circular to oval pattern and anywhere in between.

Unlike traditional HVLP turbine spray guns with the front collar adjustment, the Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™ offers full incremental fan size throughout the whole range. Located on the left side of the spray gun for convenience, it is easy to adjust: turn counter-clockwise for a smaller pattern and clockwise for larger.


G-XPC Spray Gun
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T70 Spray Gun
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T75G Spray Gun
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Classification Spray Equipment / HVLP Turbines
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since November 2, 2018



12" x 8.6" x 8.1"


2 years – Parts & Labor


14.56 lbs


6.5 psi

Motor Type


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Great System

Patrick Mielke · May 8, 2023

My first paint gun, used to refinish bathroom vanity, worked great, easy to use.

Great tool!

Paul-Antoine Taillefer · Jun 22, 2022

Just got the minimite 3 paint sprayer to stain and lacquer a giant bookcase. The sprayer performed better than expected (and I was expecting a lot!). On top of the standard 1.3mm nozzle, I ordered the 1.0mm nozzle which enabled me to very finely nuance the shading on the different types of wood that the bookshelf was made of.
Great control, beautiful build and feel on every component of this sprayer.
Very satisfied.

Mini Mite is a Mighty Mite!

jack wolowich · Apr 15, 2022

This wonderful paint sprayer has brought my finishing quality up to a whole new level. I have used it for spraying smaller wooden craft projects to furniture items and wooden table tops and bar countertops. I am amazed at the superb results gotten even with a variety of paint products. The Fuji manual clearly describes procedures and tips for achieving excellent results. Kudos to the makers of this indispensable tool!

Mini-Mite 3 Platinum HVLP with T75G Spray Gun

steve flamand · Feb 27, 2022

The Mini-Mite 3 delivers excellent results, is easy to use and super simple to clean. For the type of work I do, this is the very best I could have hoped for.

Excellent HVLP sprayer

Paul Watson · Apr 13, 2021 · edited June 17, 2021

Just purchased initially for kitchen cabinets, but now looking around the house for any excuse to use it again. Arrived fast, works great, and is not near as loud as I was prepared for after reading other reviews.
#FujiSpray #WellDone

Update: Had an issue with the hose having developed a leak near the connection to the turbine. Fuji service was fantastic, and had a replacement (which was upgraded from the standard one that came with it) couriered out to me in 3 days. I would not hesitate to purchase Fuji equipment again in the future!!

Wonderfull HVLP system

Ryan Hutchins · Mar 4, 2021

I'm using it to paint new kitchen cabinets. Having never used an HVLP system it has been a bit of a learning curve, but this setup is not hard to use once you get the hang of it. You can get professional level finishes with the Mini-Mite 3, but if I had a bit more money I would have gone with the 4 just to get more Psi and better atomization.
The quality of this HVLP system is excellent, the turbine is loud, not as loud as a Shop-Vac, but not as quiet as a vacuum cleaner, kinda in between. Ear protection is a good idea. The T70 gun is excellent adjustments, fan control and paint flow are smooth and easy to use. Also great to know its a made in Canada! Highly recommend.

Great HVLP

Alan Cornfield · Jan 25, 2021

Purchased the Fuji Mini-mite 3 to replace my old HVLP system for our woodworking business. After using for around 20-30 hours of spraying I have been extremely pleased with the performance. The adjustment controls are perfect and easily adaptable to conditions. The gun design (T-70 bottom feed) and build quality is good and after long periods of spraying, it feels very balanced and comfortable. I really couldn't find anything to be critical about with this sprayer. Under real life conditions in a busy woodshop, spraying in less than perfect conditions, I am very impressed with this sprayer.

Easy to use and works well

Chris Kulagowski · Dec 28, 2020

I am new to spray finishing and this was my first sprayer of any kind. It was easy to set-up and use and I was able to achieve good results with a little practice. There is a learning curve but it wasn't too difficult - the most tedious part was diluting the paint (I used latex paint for trim).

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