T75G HVLP Turbine Gravity Spray Gun by Fuji Spray

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T75G™ HVLP Turbine Gravity Spray Gun offers an enhanced spray pattern for exceptional performance. Its sleek, 20% lighter design is ergonomic and well balanced, allowing for easy maneuvering and less fatigue on the operator.

All Fuji T-Series Spray Guns are Non-Bleed, so the air can only pass through the spray gun when the trigger is activated. This results in less blowing around of dust in the spray area, less paint buildup on the tip of the fluid nozzle, and the spray gun noise is lessened, since the hiss is intermittent. The T-Series spray gun is extremely easy to clean.

The T75G™ Gravity Spray Gun features a Stay-Cool Nylon Handle, Stainless Steel Fluid Passages and an External Needle Packing Adjustment. The Fan Pattern is adjustable from 1” to 15” from 8" distance. It comes with a 1.3mm aircap set.

  • 1.3mm stainless steel aircap set installed
  • 600 ml (600cc) nylon gravity feed cup
  • Non-bleed
  • Canadian technology
  • Stay-cool nylon handle (fitted over a metal tube)
  • Metal fluid knob and collar

Extra T70™ and T75G™ Aircap Sets also available. (0.8 mm - 1.0 mm - 1.3 mm - 1.5 mm - 1.8 mm - 2.0 mm - 2.5 mm)

This spray gun can only be used with an HVLP turbine (any make). It cannot be used with standard compressors.

Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™

This control allows the operator to switch from a circular to oval pattern and anywhere in between.

Unlike traditional HVLP turbine spray guns with the front collar adjustment, the Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™ offers full incremental fan size throughout the whole range. Located on the left side of the spray gun for convenience, it is easy to adjust: turn counter-clockwise for a smaller pattern and clockwise for larger.


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Peter Meadowcroft · Apr 14, 2022

Great gun, sprayed water based lacquer with no issues, great control with fan adjustment. Used with my old Turbinaire turbine.

Excellent Spray Gun and Mini Mite 4

Denis Sauve · Mar 11, 2021 · edited March 15, 2021

Love this spray gun and Mini mite 4 so happy I bought this.
Thank you

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