Carry Case for Aircap Sets by Fuji Spray

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The Fuji Spray Carry Case for Aircap Sets will keep your Fuji Spray aircap sets neatly in one place. It can store 4 sets of Needles, Nozzles and Aircaps.

The T-Series and the M-Series will fit into this case. Please note that the GXPC-Series is not compatible with this case.


Classification Spray Equipment / Accessories
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since January 30, 2019
SKU 5137
UPC 612850513731

7.5" x 9" x 2"

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A must have

Brian Hendry · Dec 8, 2020

A great case to keep your spare tip sets in, I have a T series gun and also a G series. Although the case isn’t designed for tips from the G series you can get them to sit in.


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