M-Model™ Spray Gun Aircap Set by Fuji Spray

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High-Efficiency Aircap for Fuji Spray M-Model™ spray guns 7001 and 7002G. These parts are not compatible with other Fuji Spray guns.

How to select your Aircap Set

Aircap Size Output Ideal for
0.8mm Super Fine Very fine work, small surfaces and thinner viscosity fluids
1.0mm Fine to Medium Fine finishing including many water-based / borne coatings. Allows for a thinner, wet coat to be applied.
1.3mm Medium Standard Set, for most fine finishing applications.
1.5mm Medium For most fine finishing applications
1.8mm High For larger surfaces and thicker layers.
2.0mm High For even larger areas such as walls and ceilings. Fast Coverage and High Viscosity Coating.


0.8 mm
SKU: 7020-1
$63.99 In stock
1.0 mm
SKU: 7020-2
$63.99 In stock
1.3 mm
SKU: 7020-3
$63.99 In stock
1.5 mm
SKU: 7020-4
$63.99 In stock
1.8 mm
SKU: 7020-5
$63.99 In stock
2.0 mm
SKU: 7020-6
$63.99 In stock


Category Spray Equipment / Accessories
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since November 2, 2018


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