6ft Whip Hose for Fuji Spray Turbine by Fuji Spray

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6ft Whip Hose for Fuji Spray Turbine is lightweight, highly flexible, and reduces user fatigue, with the flexibility allowing for effortless maneuverability of the spray gun. The couplings are made from a glass fiber-reinforced polymer.

An added benefit is that the air through the spray gun is not as hot (due to the fact the spray gun is now 6ft further from the turbine). This often alleviates problems with fast-drying lacquers (and latex house paint) drying too quickly.

This hose cannot be connected directly to the turbine – it is an extension hose and must only be connected to the end of the standard 25ft hose.


$55.95 In stock
$55.95 In stock


Classification Spray Equipment / Accessories
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since November 2, 2018

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