Semi-PRO 2 HVLP System by Fuji Spray

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The Semi-PRO 2 System from Fuji Spray's DIY-PRO™ Series offers the most power 2-stage HVLP systems on the market, available either as a Bottom Feed or Gravity Feed model.

Most HVLP systems usually feature underpowered motors which are not adapted to most spraying. Fuji Spray's DIY Series' 1400 watt, 2 stage Bypass Motor in a Metal Turbine Case will handle any type of coating with ease.

This system contains:


7001 - Bottom Feed Spray Gun
$589.00 In stock
7002G - Gravity Feed Spray Gun
$589.00 In stock


Classification Spray Equipment / HVLP Turbines
Brand Fuji Spray
Sold Since November 2, 2018



Turbine: 11" x 8.6" x 8.1"


2 years – Parts & Labor


Turbine: 12.35 lbs


5 psi

Motor Type

1400 Watts - 2-Stage

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A satified artist!

Dominique Hamel · May 6, 2022

I am an artist (acrylic painting) and varnishing was always stressfull and often has created damages to my painting. I paint large canvas and acrylic mat varnish dry up so fast that I never found an easy way to do a layer fast enough and, the overlaying brush strokes always become a problem. So i decided to invest in a spray system and what a fantastic decision!! It was a big investment but worth it considering the job is done fast and always flawless. It gives an amazing finish to my painting and the work went from stressfull to playfull! Thanks to Fujispray
(my only reserve: turbine way louder than I expected and the remote control is a must)


Zak Roberts-Dodd · Feb 22, 2022

Purchased the semi-pro Fuji HVLP System last spring and have done more projects than I can count with it. Absolutely amazing value for the money. Great quality and awesome results spraying all types of finishes!

Semi-pro 2

Cayley Morgan · Jan 4, 2022

Bought this set up to use at home for side jobs and it has been everything I have needed and more. I have used the higher end sprayers that fuji makes with past employers so l knew I was going to get a very good product at the price point. I highly recommend this set up.

Great system!!

Vanessa Noel · Apr 12, 2021

My Fuji Semi-Pro 2 arrived a few days ago and I already used it on 2 pieces of furniture ( paint + poly top coat). I can already tell that it’s a high quality product and I am very happy with my purchase! Definitely a huge upgrade to my furniture flipping business and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Semi-Pro 2

Blake Wright · Jan 26, 2021

Great product! Really high quality components. Makes getting a pro-quality finish a piece of cake. I purchased the 1.5mm nozzle set separately to spray nitrocellulose lacquer, per the company's recommendation, and I've had no issues. After fighting with cheap, box-store spray guns, I dug deep and purchased this. I have no regrets - it's worth every penny. Also, it is particularly significant to me that this is a Canadian manufacturer.

semi pro 2

Bruno Martina · Dec 10, 2020

Don't usually post my comments on purchases unless their bad ones, however I'm pretty pleased with this purchase and wanted to pass along my experience dealing with Ardec in the purchase of the Fuji semi pro 2 sprayer. This is my 1st purchase from Ardec and have to say pretty happy with their service. The Fuji sprayer was really well packaged and shipped as promised, haven't had the chance to give the sprayer a full workout but very impressed with the quality and performance so far. Will be spaying some cabinets with BM Advance latex and Lenmar clearcoat, should give me a good idea of what the sprayer can do, I'm confident it will handle the job, will definitely post if it doesn't.

Fuji spray gun

rob mosseau · Dec 18, 2019

This system is awesome took very little time to dial the gun in I have sprayed 3 guitar and they look like glass used em6000 I got at ardec it’s also a great product

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